This school year looks very different for many educators, with more online or blended learning than ever before. 

Whatever you're planning for, we've got you covered. This toolkit includes videos and guides covering blended learning, remote classroom culture, student wellbeing, study skills, and more. 




Blended learning resources for teachers



Videos on Blended and Flipped Learning

Watch these videos from the Boclips for Teachers library to learn more about blended, flipped, and remote learning, plus some useful teaching tools. 

Blended learning professional development video for teachers

Blended Learning

Brainwaves Video Anthology

How blended learning engages students and raises attainment.

Flipped learning guide video for teachers

A Guide to Flipping the Classroom

Flipping Physics

Top tips to ensure that flipped classroom activities are effective.

Using EdTech


Revolutionising the classroom with technology.

Educational technology video for teachers

Educational Technology

Crash Course Computer Science

A guide to different types of EdTech and their applications.



Video: An Integral Part of 21st Century Blended Learning

There are many benefits of blended learning from increased student motivation to greater flexibility in the learning environment. Learn how you can overcome barriers to blended learning and seamlessly incorporate video into your lessons.

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Blended learning ideas for teachers




Learn how you can empower your school or district to use videos safely and effectively with Boclips for Teachers.

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Videos for the Classroom

Learn how you can empower your school or district to use videos safely and effectively with Boclips for Teachers.

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Classroom Culture and Wellbeing

Remote or blended classrooms can take time to get used to, and students may need guidance on rules and expectations. Explore these resources for ideas on how to set up and maintain a healthy classroom culture.


Study Skills

At the start of any school year, it's a good idea for students to re-cap their study skills. This year, knowing how to work independently and manage time is particularly important. These videos can help. 

How to stop procrastinating video for students

How to Stop Procrastinating

Crash Course Study Skills

Strategies to keep focus and avoid distractions.

Home study space tips for students

Setting Up Your Study Space

Maddie Moate

Create a dedicated space for studying at home.

Study tips video for students

13 Study Tips

Sprouts Schools

Quick tips to optimize studying time and memory.

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Equity: Video for Every Student

We’ve remained committed to curating the best lesson-ready videos that can support every learner, even when the standard classroom set-up has been turned on its head. Read the blog posts below to discover ideas for meeting different learning needs with video.

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