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License and download the world's best educational videos to create truly captivating learning experiences.


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Why license and download videos? 

With our traditional video delivery model, your team can license bundles of curated videos that can be downloaded, edited, and used in your digital learning resources for an unlimited number of end users.

Copyright-cleared videos with global distribution 

Flexible license terms from 1-25 years (5 standard)

HD videos delivered in the file format of your choice

Edit and customize videos to best fit your lessons

Research and curation support from our subject matter experts

Human-generated audio transcripts and subtitles

Editorial services: trimming, voiceover, and music/SFX

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Short-form video clips

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Academic subjects


How it works




After partnering with you to understand your project requirements, our in-house research team hand-selects videos from our library of 2m+ assets that best support your needs




You review and select which videos you'd like to license and for what length of time. Our team then electronically delivers high-definition videos in the file format of your choice. 

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The videos are now yours to download, edit, and embed into your digital learning resources through the length of your license term. Let us know if new video needs arrive, and we'll be happy to assist! 

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