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Publishers & curriculum designers

Boclips helps academic publishers and OPMs enrich their content offerings with curated, quality videos from the world's leading content providers.






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Why publishers & curriculum designers choose Boclips

We make it simple, seamless, and safe for publishers to incorporate video assets into their digital products so they can enhance their offering. 




Best-in-class content

We help publishers and OPMs enrich their etextbooks, digital curriculum, and other online learning products with a vast library of rights-cleared, product-ready educational videos.

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Expert curation

We tags videos to ensure they can be easily discovered and provide research services to help clients find the perfect assets to support their learning outcomes.

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Flexible delivery

We support the vast range of educational uses for video by offering flexible delivery options tailored to each client's specific content needs, product requirements, and internal resources. 

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How can we help you take your digital products to the next level with video?



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