Streamlining asset procurement, curation and delivery

Boclips makes it easy for businesses and institutions to access safe, curated, rights-ready K-20 audio and video resources.

It starts with great content.

Captivating, pedagogically relevant educational videos are at the heart of our business. Our vast library includes millions of curated, subject- and age-level aligned assets that can be used to support endless learning possibilities. 


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Why Boclips?

Take your digital resources a giant step forward with curated, copyright-cleared content that supports your learning objectives.

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Quality, trusted content

We provide a vast library of rights-cleared, product-ready educational videos to help education providers enrich their offerings with media-rich assets.

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Content matching and curation

We enrich content metadata to improve discoverability and provide expert curation services to help clients find the perfect assets to support their learning objectives.

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Video delivery



Tailored video delivery

We support the vast range of educational uses for video by offering tailored video delivery packages based on your specific needs, timelines, and product requirements. 

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Specific use cases

Boclips supports a wide range of use cases for our customers across the education ecosystem. How can we help you and your team?

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Content libraries


Learning object repositories


Other educational products

Learn how Boclips has helped organizations worldwide bring educational experiences to life with video. 


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Learning platforms 

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Authoring tools & LMS

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