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A curated, world-class video alternative to YouTube for schools

Finding curriculum-aligned video content on YouTube is time-consuming for teachers. And vetting the accuracy, source, and provenance is nearly impossible. According to the World Economic Forum's Global Risks Report 2024, disinformation is a leading global threat, and the proliferation of misinformation and disinformation on YouTube will only grow. In addition, YouTube has an ad-centric business model, which tries to keep visitors on-site to drive advertising income. It results in a distracting environment where students are bombarded with algorithmic video recommendations, advertisements, and public commentary to capture their attention for longer. 

With Boclips Classroom, teachers can:

• Access more than 2.2M curated, curriculum-aligned videos that are fully licensed and rights-cleared from over 550 top educational creators like PBS, TED, Fuseschool, Bloomberg, Crash Course, Sci Show, and more.

• Quickly and easily find the right video by searching and filtering based on subject, level, pedagogical use case, and more.

• Explore alignments to more than 70 common curriculums, like Common Core, NGSS, CBSE, and a growing range of state-level curriculums for ELA, Science, and Math.

• Share video directly with students, in Google Classroom, or via LMS in a distraction-free environment that only displays the video content selected by the teacher.

• Use engagement metrics to understand student behavior and learn which topics drive engagement and interest. 

Boclips aligns to more than 70 common curriculums, ensuring safe, secure,
Ed-Ready video to support every learning objective.

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Try Boclips Classroom

Try Boclips in your classroom and share curated, Ed-Ready video with students. Get started with a 60-day free trial and access all 2.2M videos and more than 70 curriculum alignments. 

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Enable teachers to enhance lessons and homework with more than 2.2M curriculum-aligned, Ed-Ready videos with school-wide access. Contact us to discuss pricing and pilot opportunities. 


Why Boclips Classroom?

Distraction-free and designed for education

Sharing from YouTube comes with inherent risks - content accuracy and provenance, distractions from playlists and ads, public comments, and potential access issues. Keep student's attention focused in our distraction-free environment that’s designed to keep students focused and safe. 

Curriculum- and Standards-Aligned

Quickly find content mapped to key learning objectives of common curriculum standards like Common Core, Next Generation Science Standards, New York's Next Generation, Florida’s B.E.S.T., OpenStax, and more.

Organized and curated by educators

Our content is tagged by subject, age level, pedagogical use case, and more, ensuring that you find the perfect videos for your needs every time. Use pedagogical tags inspired by Bloom's taxonomy - from hooks to explainers and context builders to easily find the right video.

The world's best content

We have more than 2.2M Ed-Ready videos from more than 550 educational brands, like Ted, Bloomberg, SciSchow, The School of Life, and more. We add more than 5k pieces of content each month, providing you with the world's largest library of Ed-Ready video. 

Simple sharing directly with students

Share videos in your LMS and Google Classroom with links and teacher share codes. Students can access videos without logins or authentication, keeping sharing fast, easy, and focused during lesson time. 

Fully licensed and rights-cleared

We take care of securing and managing the rights for all content, so you can focus on creating exceptional educational experiences with content provenance guaranteed. 

See how Boclips stacks up against YouTube

YouTube Boclips
Educational design: YouTube has an ad-centric business model, which tries to keep visitors on-site to drive advertising income, resulting in increased distractions for students with recommended videos, advertisements, and public comments. Boclips Classroom is ad-free, and plays videos in a distraction-free environment that only shows the videos or playlists shared by the teacher. We optimize for engagement with the content rather than time on platform.
Curriculum-aligned: YouTube does not support curriculum or standard alignments. Boclips supports more than 70 curriculum standards, like CommonCore, NGSS, and state standards like NY, FL and CA, with curated videos aligned to each learning objective.
Easy search and filter: YouTube does not support education-focused metadata. Boclips proprietary metadata makes it easy to quickly search and filter for videos by subject, age level, pedagogical stage, CFER level, and more.
Provenance guaranteed: It is not possible to confidently track the authenticity of every video on YouTube. As more AI content is generated, it will become harder to detect misinformation. Boclips sources videos directly from the world’s premier educational content creators, like PBS, Bloomberg, SciShow, CrashCourse, TED, and more. Information accuracy is guaranteed, removing all risk of misinformation.
Safe for students: There is no way to control what ads, comments, or recommended videos a student sees on YouTube. Boclips is designed to be a distraction-free, safe, secure alternative to YouTube. Students are only able to access and view the videos shared by their teacher.
Flexible delivery: YouTube does not work in LMS. You can embed or copy links with advertising and recommended videos included. Boclips Classroom can be shared directly with students via link or in Google Classroom or LMS, with LTI coming soon.

Boclips is the world's most comprehensive library of educational videos, curated from top-tier creators across the globe


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People often ask

What content partners do you work with?

Boclips partners with over 550 content creators to carefully select relevant, educationally oriented videos aligned with national standards and curricula. Our diverse selection includes independent producers, highly produced news or documentary footage, and videos in a variety of languages. We regularly add new content partners and upload videos, some as often as daily. Our platform makes it easy to find and license rights-ready videos for use in classrooms, e-textbooks, and other educational settings.

Can I collaborate with colleagues on Boclips Classroom?

Yes, Boclips Classroom's “Playlist” feature is a great opportunity for you to save, organize, and share videos with yourself, your colleagues, and with students.  

Are there any ads or commercials in your videos?

No, there are no ads or commercials in Boclips videos. Unlike YouTube, whose ad-centric business model tries to keep visitors on-site to drive advertising income, Boclips is designed for educational use and is completely ad-free.  We understand the importance of keeping the content uninterrupted to avoid unnecessary distractions for students. Our ad-free, rights-ready videos can be easily integrated into your lessons and assignments. Our videos are specifically curated and aligned to national standards and curricula, ensuring that they provide the most relevant and valuable educational content for your students or learners. 

Do you offer captions, transcripts, translations, and/or audio descriptions?

Our videos can be delivered with human-generated captions and transcripts that meet a high level of accuracy. These features help ensure that all learners can engage with the content, regardless of their abilities. If you have any specific accessibility requirements or questions about our accessibility features, or requests for audio descriptions or any other accessibility features not mentioned here, please reach out to your Account Manager or email for assistance. We're committed to providing a platform that meets the needs of all learners.


How do I share videos from Boclips Classroom?

You can copy share links, and your teacher code directly from Bocliips Classroom. Send the link to Google Classroom or add it to your LMS for streamlined usage. Keep an eye out for LTI, coming in fall 2024. 

Do you have LTI?

We are actively working on delivering Boclips Classroom via LTI! It is currently available in web app form, and it will be available via LTI soon.