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Deliver eye-opening educational experiences

Strengthen your value proposition and enrich your platform with access to 2.2 million Ed-Ready videos from 550+ of the world’s best educational content creators.

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Boclips offers API access to more than 2.2M Ed-Ready videos for use in any educational app or platform.

Our metadata infrastructure and discovery experience make it easy to find the right videos to drive learner engagement—with tagging by subject, education level, language, video type, CEFR language level, and pedagogical use cases inspired by Bloom’s taxonomy: discovery, explainer, synthesis, experience, and more. 

With our AI-recommended video highlights, you can surface the right moment in the right video and accurately align short educational videos to the content in your application, courseware, platform, or AI Tutor through prompts and topics. 

Explore our videos with AI-recommended highlights

Boclips can surface the right moment in the right video to personalize the learning experience in your application. Explore short educational videos through a generative AI chatbot.

Explore API use cases and find your spark for breakthrough educational experiences

Whether you're developing edtech software, creating educational apps, or managing learning environments, Boclips enriches your digital offerings with white-labeled access to high-quality, educational videos and highlights. Here are some examples of ways you can integrate Boclips into an existing educational technologies. Explore our API Docs for more details.

Gen AI use case
Gen AI use case

Welcome to the world's most comprehensive library of educational videos, curated from top-tier creators across the globe


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Enjoy unlimited access to Boclips' 2.2 million educational videos for free. Only pay for videos that are viewed. 

For Startups

Starter Plan

Get started for free. No restrictions on API calls, alignments, or metadata access. Up to 50 unique videos viewed per month and up to 1,000 views per month.

Not sure where to start? Review the example use cases or check out Boclips Library for video inspiration. 


For Growing Organizations

Growth Plan

Annual subscription including 200 videos viewed per month for $449. Prices scale up to 1000 videos viewed per month and 2,500 views per month.

Starting at $449 per month

For Pilot Programs and R&D

Enterprise Pilot

Enjoy access to Boclips' 2.2 million educational videos for pilots and product R&D.


For Large Institutions and Companies

Enterprise Plan

Need a tailored solution? Our Enterprise plan offers a customized offerings to suit your organization's needs.

Pricing available upon request

Ready to elevate your educational experience with Boclips?

Boclips harnesses the power of Ed-Ready video to take your educational apps to the next level.

Product Highlights

Expansive Ed-Ready library

Imagine a platform with the breadth of YouTube, but handpicked for education, like ClickView or Discovery Education. A comprehensive, curated library that combines the best of both worlds.

Curriculum- and Standards-Aligned

We provide high-quality video alignments across a wide array of educational benchmarks and standards, including Common Core, Next Generation Science Standards, New York's Next Generation, Florida’s B.E.S.T., OpenStax, and more.

The best content in the world

We provide seamless streaming designed to integrate with your existing infrastructure. Our platform is engineered for stability and performance, providing a smooth, uninterrupted experience that's essential for modern educational environments.

Enriched with metadata to support any use case

Create custom experiences tailored to specific educational settings, including pedagogical use and state standard alignments. Our content metadata allows for serving up the perfect video in exactly the right educational moment.

Highly customizable and flexible

Our platform is designed to be as adaptable as it is robust, ensuring that you can mold it to fit the unique demands of your own educational environment’s UI / UX.

Fully licensed and rights cleared

We take care of securing and managing the rights for all content, so you can focus on creating exceptional educational experiences, worry-free.

What our customers say

A strong resource of video we can use with ease and confidence. Boclips have opened our business to a wide variety of rights-ready clips.

Claire B. | Pearson

Their library was like a goldmine…

Elena H. | Newsela

The Boclips API was exceptionally easy to develop against: well-documented, reliable, and easy to work with. We were able to get proof-of-concept up and running within a matter of hours.

Brian L. | Perusall

People often ask

How easy is it to integrate Boclips API?

Integrating Boclips' API is straightforward and user-friendly. Our API is designed to be highly flexible and customizable, ensuring seamless integration with various platforms. Our comprehensive documentation includes Quickstart Guides, Detailed Reference Guides, and public repos, making technical implementation a breeze.

What type of educational content does Boclips offer?

Boclips offers a diverse range of educational content, encompassing videos across numerous subjects and educational levels. Our library includes material from trusted and renowned publishers and creators, ensuring high-quality, informative, and engaging content. From STEM to humanities, animations to talking heads, our content caters to a wide array of educational needs and preferences.

Can Boclips be customized for my use case?

Boclips' platform is versatile and adaptable, perfectly suited for a range of specialized use cases in education. From seamlessly integrating videos into platform search results to providing engaging content for AI-enhanced video tutoring, Boclips enhances both teaching and learning experiences. Our extensive content library and innovative tools ensure that educators and learners have easy access to high-quality, relevant video resources for any educational need.

How does Boclips ensure content quality?

At Boclips, content quality is paramount. We source educational videos from the best and most credible publishers and content creators in the world. Our educational content team reviews and categorizes channels and videos, ensuring accuracy, relevance, and educational value in every setting. This rigorous process guarantees that our content meets the highest educational standards.

Is Boclips compatible with my existing platform, LMS, or VLE?

Boclips is designed to be fully compatible with a wide range of platforms. Our API and video player are extremely flexible and customizable, ensuring smooth integration with your existing systems. Additionally, we offer Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) integration, which further facilitates seamless connection and functionality within your educational infrastructure. Reach out to our team at sales@boclips.com if you’re interested in our out-of-the-box LTI integration offering.

Ready to transform your educational experience?

Discover how Boclips can make a difference in your educational offerings.
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Not ready to commit engineering resources? Check out video embed codes from Boclips Library. The same white-labeled experience on your platform and a faster time-to-market.