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Make learning captivating for every student, everywhere

Spark curiosity and deliver stronger learning outcomes when you engage learners with Ed-Ready videos from the world's most recognized educational brands. 

Access the world's largest library of Ed-Ready video —
how you need it, when you need it.


Built for curriculum and instructional design teams, Boclips Library makes it easy to discover, license, and deliver the world’s best educational videos from premier brands in your courseware or digital learning materials, all from a single source.

Explore the Library with flexible, pay-as-you-go pricing. 

Boclips Integrate BLK

Built for EdTechs and Innovators, Boclips Integrate strengthens your value proposition and enriches your platform with white-labeled access to 2.2 million Ed-Ready videos from 550+ of the world’s best educational content creators. 

Start for free with up to 50 videos viewed per month. 

Boclips Classroom

Built for teachers to use in the classroom, Boclips provides a safe YouTube alternative that brings the power of educational video directly to your learners with teacher-friendly educational filters, curriculum alignments, and distraction-free sharing. 


NEW! Enhance AI Tutors and AI-powered applications with safe, curated educational videos. Chat with our bot and see how AI-recommended video highlights can surface the right moment of the video to safeguard your AI Tutor against hallucination, make your edtech application multimodal, or create efficiencies for educators with AI video recommendations.


How can Boclips help me?

Access 2.2M Ed-Ready videos directly in Boclips Library, or integrated into your solution via API/LTI. 


For EdTechs

  • Do you provide an online learning or assessment platform? Use video to increase engagement and improve outcomes.
    > Start using the API for free

  • Do you have a curriculum that needs ready-aligned content to boost user engagement, or would you like some big content brands to help make a splash in the market? 
    >Start using the API for free

  • Not sure where to start? Browse our use cases for examples of how you can enrich your offering and your value proposition. 
    >View sample API use cases

For Publishers

  • Do you want to enrich your digital courseware with video that is aligned to educational standards and learning objectives? 
    > Explore curriculum alignments

For Schools and Governmental Organizations

For edtechs

  • “I’m developing an online platform to support students’ core curriculum and supplementary learning.
  • We have a curriculum that needs ready-aligned content to boost user engagement and would like to make a splash in the market with some big content brands to help us attract quick adoption.
  • The solution needs to be technically straight-forward to fit into our existing product infrastructure.”
  • Content aligned to the curriculum
  • Powerful and world-renowned content brands0
  • A range of integration options to fit any product infrastructure

Welcome to the world's most comprehensive library of educational videos, curated from top-tier creators across the globe


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Product Highlights

Whether sourcing video directly fromBoclips Library, or building a white-labeled experience with Boclips Integrate, Boclips applies structure, security, and relevance to your educational video content.  

Expansive Ed-Ready library

Imagine a platform with the breadth of YouTube, but handpicked for education, like ClickView or Discovery Education. A comprehensive, curated library that combines the best of both worlds.

Curriculum- and Standards-Aligned

We provide high-quality video alignments across a wide array of educational benchmarks and standards, including Common Core, Next Generation Science Standards, New York's Next Generation, Florida’s B.E.S.T., OpenStax, and more.

The best content in the world

We provide seamless streaming designed to integrate with your existing infrastructure. Our platform is engineered for stability and performance, providing a smooth, uninterrupted experience that's essential for modern educational environments.

Enriched with metadata to support any use case

Create custom experiences tailored to specific educational settings, including pedagogical use and state standard alignments. Our content metadata allows for serving up the perfect video in exactly the right educational moment.

Highly customizable and flexible

Our platform is designed to be as adaptable as it is robust, ensuring that you can mold it to fit the unique demands of your own educational environment’s UI / UX.

Fully licensed and rights cleared

We take care of securing and managing the rights for all content, so you can focus on creating exceptional educational experiences, worry-free.

Trusted by leading educational providers worldwide

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