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We're small but mighty, and we're on a mission to make learning more captivating for all students, everywhere. 

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Why "Boclips"?

Curious where our company name comes from? David Bainbridge, our CEO and founder, breaks it down in this short video.  

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Powered by a passion for learning*

*and great videos!


We believe that every student can be captivated by their learning.


We make accessing videos for education simple, seamless, and safe.


We find and curate the world's best educational videos.
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Proud to serve

Courseware providers

Since 2014, Boclips has worked with academic publishers, curriculum developers, courseware developers, and education ministries to enrich their courseware with the world's best educational videos.


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Teachers and schools

We recently released Boclips for Teachers, a video platform that lets teachers use videos in their lessons with confidence. We're now working with schools and districts to serve teachers everywhere.  


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Interested in becoming part of the team that's making it easier to include captivating video in classrooms everywhere? 


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