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Boclips Library

Supercharge your courses with the world’s best digital learning content

Access millions of Ed-Ready videos aligned to state and curriculum standards under one license. 

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Search the world's largest library of educational video

Depth and breadth

Boclips Library eliminates the challenge of finding relevant and safe content for your courses. Our team manages the procurement and copyright process for you, so you don't have to worry about rights management. With Boclips Library, you'll have access to a vast library of high-quality educational content that's easy to integrate into your learning environment. Say goodbye to the headache of content management and focus on what really matters: enhancing your students' learning experience.

Easy to find and use

We help you discover the perfect content for your course by organizing with pedagogical tags, curriculum alignment and more. Search, sort, browse, and filter through content from 550 of the world’s best brands and creators of educational videos on one platform.

Copyright-cleared with one license

We understand the challenges of navigating copyright laws when it comes to using educational videos. That's why we've streamlined the process by pre-clearing all rights for education and offering a single license that covers every brand on our platform. Additionally, we provide a range of delivery options to help you integrate content quickly and seamlessly, with insights on usage and accessibility.

This frees up your time to do more of what you do best - building incredible learning experiences with the world’s best content.

Welcome to the world's most comprehensive library of educational videos, curated from top-tier creators across the globe


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Find the perfect video

Search more than 2.2M videos from 650 content partners in Boclips Library. Filter by subject, age level, pedagogical use case, and more. Priced per video. 

Explore custom licensing options

Purchase MP4s, customize your term lengths, or buy video in bulk for discounts. Talk to our sales team to find a package that fits your needs.

Ready to supercharge your educational experience with Boclips?

Explore the library, search curriculum alignments, and discover new content to spark learning.

What our customers say

A strong resource of video we can use with ease and confidence. Boclips have opened our business to a wide variety of rights-ready clips.

Claire B. | Pearson

Their library was like a goldmine…

Elena H. | Newsela

I was legitimately enjoying these lessons myself!

Melissa C. | CCA

Trusted by leading educational providers worldwide

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Educational content for thinking outside-the-box

Boclips is not merely a video search engine, nor is it a learning object repository; it’s a transformative way to think about how content consumption powers learning. We ensure an ad-free, fully licensed, and extensive selection of videos from hundreds of creators, tailored to suit your specific use case. With Boclips, you benefit from curated collections and multiple video delivery methods that expedite your go-to-market strategy. Experience the future of education with Boclips—where quality content meets innovative delivery.

See how Boclips Library stacks up against alternatives

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Extensive selection of videos from hundreds of content creators blu-tic black
Content aligned to your use case or standard blu-tic blu-tic black
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People often ask

What content partners do you work with?

Boclips partners with over 500 content creators to carefully select relevant, educationally oriented videos aligned with national standards and curricula. Our diverse selection includes independent producers, highly produced news or documentary footage, and videos in a variety of languages. We regularly add new content partners and upload videos, some as often as daily. Our platform makes it easy to find and license rights-ready videos for use in classrooms, e-textbooks, and other educational settings. If you have any questions, contact your Account Manager or email support@boclips.com for assistance. 

Can I collaborate with colleagues on Boclips Library?

Yes, Boclips Library's “Playlist” feature is a great opportunity for you to save, organize, and share videos with yourself or colleagues. You do not need to purchase a video in order to save or share it in a playlist, so it’s a great way to communicate with team members who may provide feedback or approval.


Are there any ads or commercials in your videos?

No, there are no ads or commercials in Boclips videos. We understand the importance of keeping the educational content uninterrupted and free from any distractions. That's why we only offer ad-free, rights-ready videos that can be easily integrated into your educational products and platforms. Our videos are specifically curated and aligned to national standards and curricula, ensuring that they provide the most relevant and valuable educational content for your students or learners. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to your Account Manager or email us at support@boclips.com.

How fast can I browse, order, and receive video filters?

Boclips Library is designed to help you browse and select videos or podcasts efficiently, with the average search and purchase workflow usually taking only a few minutes. Once you have placed your order, you will receive your video or podcast files, and associated metadata, within a few days. We are happy to expedite the delivery of orders as needed.


Do you offer captions, transcripts, translations, and/or audio descriptions?

Our videos can be delivered with human-generated captions and transcripts that meet a high level of accuracy. These features help ensure that all learners can engage with the content, regardless of their abilities. If you have any specific accessibility requirements or questions about our accessibility features, or requests for audio descriptions or any other accessibility features not mentioned here, please reach out to your Account Manager or email support@boclips.com for assistance. We're committed to providing a platform that meets the needs of all learners.

What accessibility features, and/or other metadata fields are provided upon purchase?

Boclips will provide metadata such as the video download file, video title, video description, video length, caption file (if requested), and transcript file (if requested). All caption and transcript files are human-generated and are expected to meet a 99% accuracy level.


How do I get videos from Boclips Library?

You can copy embed codes from Boclips Library immediately after purchase. We can also help you download MP4s - talk to our sales team about how we can support you with download files. To integrate Boclips directly into your product, check out our API documentation


Ready to spark engagement and drive better learning outcomes?

Discover how Boclips can streamline your content discovery and acquisition process by tapping into over 2.2M videos with one license.
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