Videos for every educational purpose. 

Boclips has the content, curation, and technology to help you: 

 Enhance curriculum, courseware, and online programs with video

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Embed videos into your educational platform

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Incorporate videos into live or remote lessons and lectures

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What sets Boclips apart?

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Quality videos

High-quality content sourced from trusted global providers

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Time-saving curation

Vetted and curated to support all subjects and age levels

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Up-to-date content

New content partners added regularly with news feeds updated daily

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Content assurance

Copyright-cleared with no ads, inappropriate content, or broken links

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Easy discoverability

Metadata-enriched, searchable library with filtering and sorting options

Human pointing to accessible rich media


Transcripts, closed-captioning, and other accessibility features

How we work

Boclips delivers the world's best education videos to students everywhere by aggregating best-in-class videos from video providers, storing and curating videos to subjects and age levels, and delivering videos to customers to use in a variety of educational products.



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