Integrating Video in Remote Learning

Now more than ever, courseware creators need speedy solutions for using video in their online learning. We've compiled a few tools and ideas in this kit, including:

Video on remote learning for instructional designers

4 Approaches for Integrating Video in Virtual Learning

Data shows most teachers would love to use more video in their teaching, and millennial students expect it. Whatever your tools or systems, there's always a need for incorporating media in new ways. As more classrooms take on a digital space or go fully virtual, a variety of approaches in presenting media—especially video—can help learning tools feel more fresh, interactive, and dynamic and keep teachers coming back for more.


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Incorporating video resources in your online lessons

All students across the learning spectrum will have something to gain from videos that clearly introduce a topic while also offering some depth on the issue. Our videos are short-form (roughly 5 mins) to fit neatly into a learning narrative as part of your digital courseware. Learn more >

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Flip the virtual classroom

Flipped learning is everywhere these days. And it’s perfectly set up to incorporate multimedia resources. Videos can encourage students to develop expertise and opinions in a specific area before presenting their findings to the class. This approach holds true even more in the virtual classroom. Learn more >

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Using video for additional and supplementary learning

We’re all used to lessons being followed by a ‘further reading’ section. How about further watching instead? Video has been proven to increase attainment of information for most students, and—what’s more—it’s ideal for fostering curiosity and sparking further thoughts and ideas. Learn more >

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Videos made by teachers and students

Students love making videos just as much as they love watching them. Giving students the opportunity to create their own videos is a great way for them to test their knowledge of a subject. Building the tools to record and submit videos on your virtual learning platform is a sure-fire way to keep students and teachers connected.


Digital Citizenship: A Video Series

With more teachers and students turning to online learning, digital citizenship is more relevant than ever. Preview our series to get some ideas for your lessons, and contact us about adding them to your courses.

Fake News - Why Facts Don't Matter Any More


Post-Truth: Why Facts Don’t Matter Any More 
Fake News - What Are Deep Fakes?


What Are Deep Fakes? 
Digital Health & Safety - Protecting My Digital Self


Protecting My Digital Self 
Digital Health & Safety - How to Combat Abuse Online


How to Combat Abuse Online 
Privacy and AI - How the Internet Tracks You


How the Internet Tracks You 
Privacy & AI - Facial Recognition


Facial Recognition 

Video Procurement Support

We know you’re busy right now meeting the needs of teachers and students. Let us do the heavy lifting so you can get up and running with video in no time. Contact us for more details.


We've sourced millions of videos from 175+ brands so you don't have to. We'll help you find the right videos for your specific needs.


Our videos are 100% copyright-cleared, saving you costly and time-consuming rights management headaches.  


With videos aligned to standards and subjects, you can quickly find content that's relevant to your users.


We can quickly integrate videos in your platform using our API. If you're already LTI-compliant, it's even faster.


Integrate In 3 Simple Steps

Want to to give your users a seamless video-rich experience on your platform without ads or distractions? How about complete knowledge and control over how your users engage with videos? Our integrations can do all that—and more! 

Step 1


Our team works with you to determine your specific content requirements

Step 2


We plug videos and video features into your platform using API and LTI.

Step 3


Using data, we’ll take your platform to the next level with new content and features.

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