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Remote Learning with Video

For educators facing school closures due to COVID-19, the sudden shift to distance learning can be difficult. We’re here to help. Explore our resource kit for tools, ideas, and inspiration for incorporating video in virtual learning.




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Videos from Our Library

Enjoy these videos curated from our Boclips for Teachers to enable remote learning. 


This Will Revolutionize Education


Applying Hope Theory at Work 


What's a Flipped Classroom? 


Chunking: Learning Techniques for Better Memory and Understanding 

Strategy Sheets

Essential additions to any teacher's toolkit, these strategy sheets are perfect for adapting to a virtual classroom.



Video Strategy Sheet


As students watch a video they can write down three things they learned, two questions they have, and one thing they really enjoyed or an opinion they formed.

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Video Strategy Sheet

Exit Tickets

Students fill in a 'ticket' with answers to short questions that check for understanding at the end of the lesson. Teachers can use this to inform future teaching.

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Video Strategy Sheet

It's a Lottery!

Keep students on their toes by assigning random tasks after watching the video material. This strategy facilitates peer-to-peer learning and is easy to differentiate.

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Video Strategy Sheet

Post It!

Make sure students pay close attention to the video resource by asking them to choose one fact to write on a post-it. Original facts score more points!

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Extended Trial

We've extended trial access to our Boclips for Teachers platform to June 30, 2020, giving teachers a safe alternative to YouTube to share videos with students during this unprecedented time. 

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Ideas for Integrating Video in Virtual Learning

As more teaching goes fully virtual, incorporating educational videos can help keep the classroom feeling fresh and engaging. These six ideas for incorporating video can help teachers get started right away.

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Video in Virtual Learning Resource



Differentiating Instruction with Video

Explore resources for getting started with differentiating learning, applying techniques, and deepening your practice.


Video Training Resources

Watch these recorded tutorials for a deeper dive through frameworks, lesson planning, and key strategies for using video in the classroom. 


Frameworks and Models

Find out about three different frameworks and models to support you in effectively integrating videos into your curriculum and instruction.

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Lesson Planning Inspiration

Make the most of video-first Common Core Unit Guides, which come complete with guidance on activities to meet the standards.

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Video Strategies

Discover strategies to support you in successfully integrating video into your lessons.

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