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Boclips helps education providers access the best rich media resources in the world, hassle-free. 

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Samantha Kalman, CCC⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Excellent product! Effective solution to address visual learners" Samantha Kalman, CCC

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Course design is important

Let's make it easier.

Education professionals have one of the most important missions - to help learners build their best possible future.

That's why we've created the first purely educational platform containing over 2 million audio and video clips from 400 world-class content providers. 

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Build stand-out courses. Easily access the best educational videos and podcasts.

We know how time-consuming course creation can be, especially for those striving to create programs that captivate all kinds of learners. 

Boclips is more than a library. We work with our partners on matching educational video content exactly to their curriculum needs. 

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Create engaging courses faster and smarter

Replace custom video production, lengthy scripting process and limitations of proprietary content with access to over 2 million licensed media assets. 



Access a wealth of content with one licence

Boclips is the first purely educational, multi-subject video and podcast platform. Access content from over 450 creators like Ted-Ed, Crash Course, or FuseSchool.


Tap into curriculum-aligned collections

We're so much more than a library! Take advantage of pre-made content bundles, quickly compile playlists or work with our team to align assets to your curriculum. 


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Samantha Kalman
"What an excellent product! Effective way to address visual learners within the classroom."
Samantha Kalman, CCC
Business Development Specialist, Copyright Clearance Center
Mark Curriki,  Curriki
"Amazing product, powerful solution and smart, thoughtful people!"
Mark McKinney
Director Of Partnerships/ COO, Curriki
Claire Bowers, Pearson
"A strong source of video we can use with ease and confidence. Boclips have opened our business to a wide variety of rights-ready clips."
Claire Bowers
Rights Manager, Pearson

400+ Educational Content Partners

Among them TED, Bloomberg, Crash Course, FuseSchool. We work with educational content partners of all sizes, including independent creators. All Boclips videos are free of ads, safe, and tagged so instructional designers and courseware developers can find the perfect clip in seconds. 



OpenStax | Boclips Partnership

Boclips team introduces 50+ pre-curated collections of educational videos aligned to every OpenStax textbook, now available on the CourseSpark platform... Read more


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