A good science course explains complex concepts in simple terms, allows learners to explore real world examples, and sparks curiosity so that students are motivated to discover more. Many of us can pinpoint our love for the subject to one or two discoveries: watching Neil Armstrong land on the moon, seeing a butterfly emerge from its chrysalis, or witnessing an explosive chemical reaction. It’s these ‘aha’ moments that can really have an impact in the classroom and on students’ academic careers. 

Thanks to video, it’s easier than ever to engage students in science. At the touch of a button, the class can be transported to places they’d never normally be able to go like CERN’s headquarters, or the inside of a human skeleton. With more learning than ever taking place online, videos can also help to ensure that students don’t miss out on practical experiments. Plus, it’s an easy way to bring an expert or an inspirational speaker into the lesson without having to speak to their agent!

Keep reading to discover some of the top science videos from the Boclips library. Want to find out about adding these and many more to your courses? Get in touch.

1- Humans Bones Song by Jam Campus 

When it comes to student engagement, songs can be a great way to get the class focused while having fun. This video teaches the names and functions of each bone in the body through catchy music and lyrics! 

Human bones educational science video


2- Bottle Rocket Experiment by Guinness World Records

Everyone loves a practical experiment and this tutorial shows students how to create their own bottle rocket at home with household materials. But it’s not just fun with coke and mentos: the hosts explain the chemistry behind the experiment and even show viewers how they can break a world record. 

Home bottle rocket experiment video for science


3- Antimatter Light Spectrum Discovered by SciShow 

SciShow is a firm favorite with students all over the world. In this video, Hank Green discusses a recent discovery about one of the most baffling mysteries of the universe: antimatter. Part explainer and part context-builder, this video is perfect for advanced high school students. 

antimatter science video


4- 10 Ways 3D Printing Will Change the World by All Time 10s

This video explores how far 3D printing has come since its invention in the 1980s and considers how it will be a major force for change in the future. Clips such as these are brilliant for putting STEM into context and allowing students to see how these inventions have an impact on many different aspects of modern life. 

3D printing science video


5- Climate Change Around The World by Minute Earth 

One of the most important issues in today’s world is climate change. This short animation shows the impact that global warming is already having in countries around the world. The video is useful for learners of all ages to understand the varying signs of climate change and and the effect it has on people’s lives.

climate change educational video


6- Bird Biologist by True Calling 

Careers in science are incredibly varied and it’s important that students are aware of the options open to them. This mini documentary shows a day in the life of a bird biologist who talks about her passion for animals and her work. 

careers in science video

Want to explore more? Visit our sample collection to discover videos for biology, chemistry, physics, technology, sustainability, and careers.

Science videos


Suzanna Taylor

Suzanna is a marketing specialist at Boclips. As a former languages teacher, she is passionate about quality, accessible educational resources.

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