Each month, we'll share Boclips videos that pay tribute to current events, reflect on moments in history, and honor holidays across the globe.

April 23rd: 

460 years ago this week, playwrite William Shakespeare was born. One of our newly joined content partners dives deep into Shakespeare's many plays, including an excellent segment that explores the unique language of his works. Some are words and phrases invented by Shakespeare himself; others are words that pre-date the Bard and whose origins have been forgotten by many of us. Did you know that the word "engrained" can be traced back to cactus bugs? 


April 22nd: 

Earth Day is a yearly event when many of us reflect on the state of the environment and what we can do to protect it. This year we want to highlight some of our content partners and channels that teach us about the natural world and encourage us to consider innovative solutions to modern environmental challenges.



APRIL 18th: 
On April 18, 1775, Paul Revere was one of several riders to alert the American militia that the British had arrived. But many people don't know the real story of what happened. Here are a few common myths about Paul Revere and his midnight ride. 


Myth 1: Paul Revere was the first to alert the American colonists in Lexington and Concord. (Videos by Mr. Beat)




Myth 2: Without Paul Revere's warning, the outcome of the battle may have been different. 



APRIL 10th: In 1925: F. Scott Fitzgerald published "The Great Gatsby"  (Video by GreatBooksExplained)


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