We're excited to bring you three new YouTube partners: Blockchain CentralLooking Glass Universe and After Skool. These channels cover advanced topics in science, math and technology for high school and university students. Watch them now and find out about the inner workings of today's world.

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Educational videos for science and wellbeing

After Skool explores topics including fitness, motivation, and philosophy and brings you entertaining answers, most of which you won't hear in the classroom.

Check out the collection with videos on:

  • Finding Happiness
  • Health Science
  • History
  • Interesting Insights into our world

Educational videos for math and science

Looking Glass Universe makes videos about the curious world of quantum mechanics, as well as topics in mathematics. These videos go into detail, but  aim to be accessible.

Check out the collection on with videos on:

  • Approximation
  • Linear Algebra
  • Quantum Mechanics

Explore the Collection Now


Blockchain educational videos

Blockchain Central is your source of reliable information on political, legal and financial aspects of cryptocurrencies. The channel's host, Blu Mantic, together with an experienced team of researchers from Frankfurt School of Finance and Management uncover the secrets and the promise of Blockchain, Distributed Ledger Technology and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).

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Bethany Beaudrie

Bethany is a fan of #sociallearning and educational technology. She loves working with students and teachers around the globe to help bring learning to life.

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