The Boclips video library continues to grow adding thousands more videos, produced specifically for education.

21st September 2017


Educational videos for curriculum subjects

Knowledgemotion, the London based company behind the world’s largest video library for education – – has now added four new libraries, significantly increasing the number of specialist instructional videos throughout K-12, Higher Education and the corporate learning space.


Mazzarella Media brings hundreds of short-form videos, specifically produced for education, across a variety of subjects for K-12 which have been recognised for their excellence with an Emmy® Award and two Parents’ Choice Gold Awards. boclips also welcomes Fabian-Baber, respected publisher with numerous awards and nominations to their name. Under their Immediacy Learning label, boclips will offer a collection of animated videos on the environment and the arts. With experience in teaching, Fabian-Baber brings together education and media, producing high-quality videos which inform and inspire.  The K-12 curriculum is further supported by Simple History’s fun animations which allow students to witness and explore all periods of history.


Finally, Intelecom Learning’s collection of 3,000 topic-specific clips adds to the extensive K-12 and academic selections with videos on Science, History and Social and Political Sciences, as well as boosting boclips’ corporate offering with training in Business Soft Skills.


Cameron Cox, Vice President at Intelecom Learning, comments: “We have seen investment in digital learning increase dramatically, and with it demand for content that can engage and inform.   Our partnership with Knowledgemotion not only extends the reach of our unique video assets, but encourages innovation in teaching and learning.  Ultimately, that’s what we are all about.”


Rhonda Fabian, CEO of Immediacy says, “The integrity and professionalism of our partners has been the key to our success for 27 years. Adding boclips to our select group of distributors strengthens our position in the global educational market, inspiring learners everywhere”.


Zoe Moore, Content Director at boclips, said: “We’re excited to be expanding our collections of instructional learning videos which work as a great complement to the deep repository of primary news resources on boclips. To be partnering with four world-renowned, award-winning producers of educational content is a great achievement which strengthens our coverage of lifelong learning and reinforces boclips as the home of video for education.”





Notes to Editors

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About Knowledgemotion and the boclips video platform

Founded in 2013 boclips aggregates over two million rights-ready video clips from some of the world’s largest and most respected content producers onto a single platform. Proprietary algorithms then map these clips to the curricula and courses used by education providers around the world, ensuring relevant search results for courseware designers, instructors and students. All videos are rights-ready, and contain stories from 1895 to yesterday. Current customers include Pearson Education, Hachette and Bloomsbury.


About Mazzarella Media

Anthony Mazzarella, owner and creator of Mazzarella Media, is passionate about creating quality educational content that supports the teaching efforts of elementary, middle and high school teachers everywhere. By promoting the development of engaging, efficient and effective content, Anthony has grown his company to be one of the most highly respected and successful independent educational media producers in the country.


About Immediacy

Since 1990, more than 20 million learners have used Immediacy videos and lesson plans worldwide. Our mission is to create curriculum-based media for delivery across traditional and emerging distribution networks that improve education, advance better health, and enable social awareness by inspiring, informing, and connecting our learners with the resources they need, when and where they need them.


About Simple History

Graduating in history at University College London, Daniel has written about Tokugawa Japan to the American revolution to the collapse of the Soviet Union during the 20th century. As an illustrator and writer he combines history with a fun and intriguing graphical style. Now he presents a gift to people who have a curiosity about the world around them and its rich past, in the form of his new series ‘Simple History’.


About Intelecom Learning

Intelecom Learning is a non-profit corporation and a leading developer of curriculum-aligned courseware for online and classroom-based learning. We bring instructional design, content development and educational technology together to offer teachers and students alike a range of learning solutions and tools for undergraduate, career and adult learning.  To learn more about our mission, visit



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