We believe that every student should be captivated by their learning. Boclips Library and Integrate give you access to quality video content to help make that happen.

YouTube may be free, popular, and familiar—that's why many teachers use it. But YouTube also lacks security, reliability, and curation, which is why some districts block YouTube entirely. Still, with the proven benefits of using video in learning and students' demand for it, many teachers aren’t willing to give up the search for engaging, short video clips that can make their lessons more engaging. Luckily, Boclips for Teachers offers schools an alternative to YouTube that’s safe, distraction-free, and affordable.

Watch the video below to see the difference between YouTube and Boclips for Teachers:

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A focused environment

When students follow a link their teachers share with them via Boclips for Teachers, they’re taken to a focused page on the platform that shows only the video or collection that the teacher has selected. This means that, unlike YouTube, there are no distractions like irrelevant suggested videos or autoplay. Teachers don’t need to worry about broken links or videos being removed from the site either.

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Free of pop-ups and affiliate links

YouTube videos often include external links to products or sites which may be useful for older viewers watching videos for entertainment but are disruptive and irrelevant for students. Many videos also begin with a distracting ad. When students watch a video in Boclips, teachers don’t need to worry about any unexpected ads, pop-ups or external links.

No comment section

Although discussion and debate are useful, YouTube’s open comment section can be filled with contributions that may be distracting at best and inappropriate at worst. Students can also interact with strangers and view their profiles. When students visit Boclips for Teachers, they can safely focus on the assigned video resource without the distraction and danger of an open forum.

If you’re looking for a school-safe alternative to YouTube, Boclips for Teachers is the smart solution. To sign up for a demo visit boclips.com/teachers now.

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Suzanna Taylor

Suzanna is a marketing specialist at Boclips. As a former languages teacher, she is passionate about quality, accessible educational resources.

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