We believe that every student should be captivated by their learning. Boclips Library and Integrate give you access to quality video content to help make that happen.

Boclips - the world’s largest video library for education - has partnered with a further three new content libraries to add to the continually expanding Boclips library. The partners’ grow the corporate collection with new accountancy videos, and increase Boclips’ science library, making Boclips a significant depository of science videos across Secondary and Higher Education.


educational science videos 
Let’s Tute present scientific, mathematical and accountancy themes and concepts in a concise, easy-to-understand way for the 14 plus age group. Mr Atul Doshi, Director of Let’s Tute, has stated “We would like to distribute our content to all students across globe. We feel that boclips is best suited to help us achieve our goal.”


Boclips also welcomes two more science collections, MinuteEarth and MinutePhysics, to the platform – all animated, quick videos that answer the big and small questions that secondary school children (and adults!) will love!


Zoe Moore, Content Director, states: “We are delighted to welcome three such sophisticated collections to our platform. We have seen growing demand for videos covering specialist subjects in the Secondary and Higher Education space, and the additions to our science collection cements Boclips as a first destination to discover science content for education publishers.”


For further information contact:

David Bainbridge, Knowledgemotion
+447801 180155


Notes to Editors
About Knowledgemotion and the boclips video platform


Knowledgemotion’s boclips, is the world’s largest video library for education. Named after the bo tree that provided Buddha with the shade he needed as he tried to make sense of the world, boclips enables education publishers and providers to find, license and use video clips that they then embed into their digital textbooks and services. Knowledgemotion has agreements with leading international content owners including Getty Images, Bloomberg, BBC Worldwide Learning, Associated Press Television News, Sports News TV and British Movietone. These agreements give boclips access to a high quality, rights-ready library of 2 million video clips, spanning all key stages, subjects and topics in the curriculum.  Customers include Pearson Education, the Open University, Macmillan and Bloomsbury.




Boclips is on a mission to make learning more captivating with video with an easier, safer way to access videos from the world’s leading video producers.

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