We are thrilled to announce a new look that aligns with our mission of making education captivating for every kind of learner. Our passion for curating the world's best rich media for education remains the same, but we've given our brand a fresh, modern, and energized look.


Why the Change? 

As Boclips has grown in relevance and experience in the quickly-changing world of education, we continue to strive to put people first – from course creators to content creators and, most importantly, the learners. Our new look better reflects our people-centric approach, capturing the essence of our values and our vision to transform the experience of learning with rich digital learning content. 


What's New? 

Our new design embodies who we are: motivated, competent, and sincere. We've fine-tuned our color palette and typography to create a harmonious blend of bold and smart, reflecting the innovative, imaginative, and reliable nature of Boclips. 


Here's what you can continue to expect from us: 

A human touch:  Our platform is designed with empathy and a deep understanding of the diverse needs of learners, ensuring a personalized, engaging, and accessible learning experience for everyone. 


Inspiring confidence:  We are passionate about curating the world's best rich media for education, and we want our brand to reflect this enthusiasm. 


Inclusive:  We strive to represent all learners and educators in our content, visuals, and messaging, embracing a wide range of perspectives, backgrounds, and learning styles. 


Our Commitment to You 

As we unveil our new look, we remain dedicated to supporting instructional designers, teachers, instructors, and educators in creating captivating courses and learning experiences. Our refreshed brand design is a visual testament to our continued commitment to making your life easier, creating more impact, and keeping you updated with the latest developments in digital learning. 

We're excited to embark on this new chapter, and we can't wait for you to experience the renewed energy and vibrancy of Boclips. Thank you for being part of our journey, and here's to transforming the world of learning together! Explore the possibilities and chat with our team today!




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