Step aside Spotify, because in 2023, the real star was our Boclips content! As we bid farewell to an incredible year, it's time to rewind and celebrate some remarkable achievements, both on stage and behind the scenes.


Partnership Power-Up


We hit the stage with a bang, welcoming 70 new content partners, marking an impressive 34% year-over-year increase. Our brand-new creator community became the perfect platform for sharing regular newsletters and fostering closer connections with our partners.


Here's a highlight reel of some of the content partners that came on board last year:



Global Channel Takeover


We didn’t just stop there—162 new channels joined our repertoire, marking a staggering 62% increase over last year. Our backstage crew also meticulously fine-tuned the metadata of 11,118 videos.

Video Vanguard


Lights, camera, action! We ingested more than 57,000 videos, showcasing our blockbuster hit for 2023. Moreover, our 'KnowMo' brand debuted on the platform, featuring AI-enhanced videos that looked sharper and more captivating than ever.



Curricular Crescendo


Teaming up with the Data experts and AI wizards, alongside our own Content team, we released 14 video alignments this year, achieving educational harmony at its finest. These included Common Core Math, NGSS, CBSE, and state alignments for Florida, New York and California. Stay tuned for more alignments to come!


The Top Charts


Channels with the Most Ordered Content:


  1. TED-Ed
  2. Visual Learning Systems
  3. SciShow
  4. FuseSchool
  5. Newsy

Most Hours Watched:


  1. SciShow Kids
  2. Professor Dave Explains
  3. Visual Learning Systems
  4. Mazz Media
  5. Packt

Thanks to all of our incredible content partners for continuing to provide relevant, up-to-date and engaging content for our users.


Encore for 2024


As we close the curtains on 2023, we're gearing up for an even more electrifying performance in 2024. Get ready for another year of topping the educational charts as we continue our commitment to delivering exceptional content and enhancing the learning experience.


This past year was a year of innovation, growth, and impactful collaborations. Here's to setting new records and achieving greater milestones in the year ahead! Let's make 2024 our best performance yet—stay tuned for an encore that promises to amaze and inspire.

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