Every month we’ll be sharing some of our favorite videos from our most popular content partners. First up is Bloomberg, one of the best known sources for current affairs and business news from across the globe. Bloomberg videos are always popular with teachers, publishers, edtechs, and Ministries of Education. Keep reading to learn more about Bloomberg’s top videos. 

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1- Face It, You're Being Watched

This Bloomberg QuickTake explores the prevalence of facial recognition technology in today’s world and weighs up the pros and cons. Are people willing to share their biometric data in return for convenience, or is this one step too far when it comes to personal data sharing? 



2- USTA CEO Sees 'Big Boom' For Tennis Post-Pandemic

U.S. Tennis Association Chief Executive Officer Michael Dowse discusses the health protocols in place for the US Open post-pandemic, atmosphere during matches, and the rising popularity of beginners tennis this year. 



3- U.N. Seeks Digital Finance Revolution

A new report from the United Nations Digital Financing Task Force concludes that digital finance could unleash trillions of dollars in long-term financing of the U.N.'s Sustainable Development Goals. Achim Steiner, Co-Chair of the United Nations Digital Financing Task Force talks about the industries and countries that could benefit most from digital finance. 



4- Living in an Age of Global Insecurity

Minouche Shafik is Director of the London School of Economics and Political Science and a member of the Bloomberg New Economy Forum advisory board. In this short video Shafik reflects on the failure of our social contract, including issues with unemployment, taxation, health, and social safety nets. 



5- Bust Town: The Human Cost of Cheap Oil

When the oil industry is booming, everyone in West Texas benefits. But when oil prices go bust, the cheap gas comes with a human cost. An estimated 76,000 oil workers have lost their jobs in Texas and that has a domino effect in many communities: this video tells some of these people’s stories. 



If you need engaging, up-to-the-minute videos for your economics, business, or social sciences courses, Bloomberg is one of the most renowned news providers on the planet, and Boclips makes it easy to incorporate their content into your learning materials. Want to find out more? Get in touch to talk about how you can make learning more captivating with thousands more videos like these. 

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