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For November’s content partner spotlight, we’ll be taking a closer look at some top videos from Visual Learning Systems. This high-quality, visual-based science content aims to help teachers teach and students learn, visually. Visual Learning Systems is always popular with teachers and courseware creators alike and provides broad coverage for the k12 science curriculum. Keep reading to discover some of our favourite videos!

1- Earth, Moon, and Sun: The Spinning Earth 

This episode discusses the earth’s rotation. The video explains how we know that the earth is spinning and gives students the opportunity to come up with their own reasoning. 


2- Forces Shaping the Earth: Wind

In this video, the narrator talks about the powerful effects of wind on the earth, giving specific examples of places that have been significantly changed by the weather.  


3- Chemical Reactions in Action 

Chemicals interacting with each other are one of the most fascinating topics in chemistry. Fireworks, burning flares, and rusting all illustrate chemical reactions. The different types of reactions are described, as well as the process of balancing chemical equations. 


4- What Is Science?: Careers in Science

This video describes what makes science different from other disciplines, while highlighting many exciting science career opportunities.


If you’re looking for visual material to make science courses more engaging, Visual Learning Systems offer thousands of curriculum-aligned videos. With Boclips, it’s easy to integrate these clips into your classroom or courseware, without having to worry about copyright, broken links, or distracting ads. To find out more, schedule a consultation with one of our team. 

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Suzanna Taylor

Suzanna is a marketing specialist at Boclips. As a former languages teacher, she is passionate about quality, accessible educational resources.

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