Before Labor Day weekend, Boclips’ Content team spent the last few weeks of summer rounding out CourseSpark’s newest videos. For the 2022–23 school year, course creators and instructional design teams will find new podcasts and videos on CourseSpark, ranging from ELL for K–12 students to coding for post-traditional learners.

For a look at a few samples of instructional videos added to the platform in August, check out the videos below.

1. TypeScript for Beginners - Introduction - Modules


Packt has provided a course on Typescript for beginners, available on our platform CourseSpark. In Packt’s words: “TypeScript makes the life of developers easy by simplifying code. It follows programming conventions that make the project easy to understand even for someone from the distributed team who has no prior knowledge. This makes it popular among developers who use JavaScript frameworks, AngularJS, and Vue.js. [Packt videos] will show you how TypeScript provides structures such as Java and Python to make coding easy.”

This video and others from Packt may be especially useful for

+ Introducing beginners to TypeScript to ready them for careers as developers
+ Providing practical coding exercises
+ Helping adult learners upskill into new tech roles

2. Advanced Grammar: Parts of Speech Introduction to Nouns, Pronouns, and Adjectives

The Learning Depot
  New content partner

The Learning Depot creates English language videos for native English speakers and English language learners alike. From idioms to grammar and usage to reading comprehension, The Learning Depot covers the English language topics course creators need for K–12 audiences.

This video and others from The Learning Depot may be especially useful for

+ Introducing literary concepts to young learners with engaging animations
+ Grounding English language lessons with real-world demonstrations
+ Supplementing text-based or audio language lessons with complementary visual aids


3. How Things Change!

  New content partner

MSVGO (Math Science Videos app) provides high-quality learning videos mapped to NCERT, ICSE, ISC, IGCSE & CBSE curricula in India. MSVGO’s expert instructors have developed short-form videos across a range of Maths, Physics, Chemistry & Biology topics. MSVGO videos are designed to promote independent learning.

In this video, MSVGO explains permanent, temporary, reversible and irreversible changes. This video and others from MSVGO may be especially useful for

+ Simplifying complex scientific theories
+ Hooking students at the start of a lesson, or providing a “brain break,” with engaging animations
+ Reviewing concepts taught in lecture with real-world examples


4. Extinction, A Pyramid Scheme & The World's Largest Salamander

Bizarre Beasts - Complexly
  New channel

What makes a weird animal weird? Hank Green and Sarah Suta introduce learners to a new bizarre beast every video and explore the many answers to that question. 

In this video, Bizarre Beasts unpacks the problems with humans releasing salamanders back into the wild, and explores our understanding of what a species is.

This video and others from Bizarre Beasts may be especially useful for

+ Breaking up lectures with animated videos
+ Contextualizing K–12 biology lessons with deep dives into different animal species
+ Providing students with a “brain break” after a dense science lesson


5. ESL - Adverbs & Adjects (Difference)

  New content partner

Mr.P, a TESL, TEFL, and TESOL–certified instructor and creator of Englishing, has taught ESL, history, and social sciences courses in Italy and Canada for more than two decades.

In this English language learning video, Mr. P. explains the difference between adverbs and adjectives with easy examples.

This video and others from Englishing may be especially useful for

+ Helping English language learners master grammar concepts
+ Teaching English language learners and young native English speakers about different parts of speech
+ Preparing learners for the IELTS


To find out more about how you can use these Boclips videos and millions of others in your courseware, get in touch with us. And if you want to keep seeing new Boclips content at the end of every month, subscribe to our blog.



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