July tends to be a slow time in education (summer holidays, we're looking at you). This past month, though, the team at Boclips was busy. We added several new content partners and instructional videos that courseware creators might use in the fall.

From English language learning to career training to the physics of popping a wheelie, our newly added content covers quite a lot of ground. Check out the previews of five videos below, all new to Boclips’ platform this month.

1. IELTS Speaking Band 9 Mumbai India - Smart Answers with Subtitles

Academic English Help
  New content partner

Academic English Help, a new Boclips content partner, provides English language learning resources to thousands of learners studying for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam.

According to Academic Enlish Help, “This video gives tips and tricks to get a band 8 and 9 scores on the speaking interview. The video is part of our Speaking Section playlist that teaches important strategies for IELTS speaking conversation. Practice the strategies, tips, and tricks in the lesson to achieve a high score... It is important to practice a lot to give full-sentence answers, which reflect the grammar structure of the questions. Strategies will help with fluent language, natural language, and complex language.”

This video and others from Academic English Help may be especially useful for

+ Helping English language learners with fluency
+ Demonstrating parallel grammatical structures
+ Modeling conversational English language for students

2. How wheelies work (dynamics)

Upayan Mathkari
  New content partner

With engaging boardwork videos, new Boclips content partner Upayan Mathkari explains how things work — from “factoring non-monic quadratics the easy way” to “functional modeling for a blender.” 

This video and others from Upayan Mathkari may be especially useful for

+ Contextualizing physics concepts taught in courseware with real-world examples
+ Refreshing learners on physics lessons before an assessment or exam
+ Supplementing text-based lessons with complementary visual aids


3. Eliminate compromised and weak passwords


In IDG TECHtalk’s own words: They create videos “on the topics you’re used to reading about in Computerworld, Network World, InfoWorld, CIO and CSO, all on one channel. We dive into the complex tech news of the day -- and tell you what that news means for you, your business, and your career.” IDG TECHtalk videos range from in-depth interviews to panel discussions, tech news roundups, animated tech explainers, and more.

In this video, IDG TECHtalks discusses the news that a single compromised password allowed attackers access to Colonial Pipeline’s network. The video advises viewers how they can keep themselves protected and avoid compromised passwords.

This video and others from IDG TECHtalks may be especially useful for

+ Unpacking the latest news in tech
+ Helping students and professionals stay safe online
+ Contextualizing digital best practices with developments in technology news


4. Dirty Money! What You Can Do About Money Laundering

Global Ethics Solutions

Global Ethics Solutions creates videos that help companies build cultures of integrity and help learners at colleges and skills-based training providers prepare for their careers. Global Ethics Solutions’ animated video content covers business ethics and compliance training.

In this video, Global Ethics Solutions explains why money laundering is a serious issue for anyone in the banking, financial, and real estate sectors, and unpacks what exactly money laundering is.

This video and others from Global Ethics Solutions may be especially useful for

+ Preparing pre-professional learners for their first jobs
+ Supplementing career training with animated videos
+ Introducing business ethics concepts at the start of a lesson


5. Heavy Lift - Walls Of Venice

Espresso Media International

Espresso Media International has 21 years of experience as an international TV distributor, specializing in documentaries, factual entertainment, and lifestyle content. Espresso’s documentary video covers a broad range of subjects relevant to learners across the world.

In this video, Espresso Media International unpacks the civil engineering feat of the walls of Venice — and explores the flooding problem that they're up against. 

This video and others from Espresso Media International may be especially useful for

+ Introducing concepts in social sciences, hard sciences, and the arts to learners
+ Adding context to academic concepts with documentary footage
+ Supplementing text-based or lecture-based lessons with engaging visuals


To find out more about how you can use these Boclips videos and millions of others in your courseware, get in touch with us. And if you want to keep seeing new Boclips content at the end of every month, subscribe to our blog.



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