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New Content Roundup: June 2022

Jul 7, 2022 8:30:00 AM

While Boclips’ Content team recovered from a month of conferences (hello, VidCon, ISTE, and NCSC!) and prepared for a long Fourth of July weekend, we also managed to add videos and podcasts from our favorite new and old content partners.

For a look at some of the new-to-Boclips content from June 2022, check out the video clips below.

1. Bone marrow

Kenhub - Learn Human Anatomy
  New content partner

Anatomy, histology, and medical imaging channel Kenhub joined Boclips as a content partner in June. Kenhub is a trusted source for college and AP high school students studying anatomy. Its videos break down complex anatomy topics into simple terms and supplement lessons with engaging illustrations, verified by experts.

This video and others from Kenhub may be especially useful for

+ Introducing complex anatomy concepts to AP and college students
+ Supplementing anatomy lectures with video
+ Refreshing students on previously covered topics before an exam

HubSpot Video

2. West Africa Before the Europeans: West Africa’s Globalization

History Hit

In their own words: "History Hit brings you the most extraordinary, dramatic, tragic and fascinating stories of our shared past.

"We are reinventing how history is told in the digital age through video, podcasts, articles and more.

"We have been running a weekly podcast for three years, with it being the number one most listened to history podcast on iTunes."

This video and others from History Hit may be especially useful for:

+ Further delving into the complexities of historical narratives covered in courseware or lectures
+ Breaking up long readings with engaging, conversational videos
+ Recasting historical accounts provided by other sources

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3. Conductors in Electrostatic Equilibrium

Flipping Physics

Flipping Physics videos turn core physics curriculum into edutainment. Flipping Physics’ creator is a real-life physics teacher whose clear explanations and blackboard work keep learners engaged with a little help from his friends: Billy, Bob, and Bo.

Full disclosure: Billy, Bob, and Bo are the teacher himself, dressed in different outfits and with different attitudes, sitting at a school desk. But that’s just the twist some physics lessons need to keep students entertained as they learn.

This video and others from Flipping Physics may be especially useful for 

+ Introducing physics concepts to AP and college students
+ Reinforcing physics lessons learned in class or courseware
+Supplementing text-based lessons with visual aids

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4. Out of this Word 1–10 | Idioms and Phrases

Out of this Word by nxTOONS
  New content partner

Perfect for young learners, Out of this Word by nxTOONS delivers age-appropriate educational content through 3D animations. 

In their own words: "From exploring word origins to catchy renditions of children's songs, nxTOONS aims to entertain, educate and spark curiosity."

This video, which explores the meanings and origins of common English idioms, and others from nxTOONS may be especially useful for:

+ Introducing academic concepts to young learners with engaging animations
+ Helping K–12 learners understand popular English idioms
+ Engaging young students with animations when they need a “brain break”

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5. Inside the Tomb of the First Aztec Emperor

Weird History

From Weird History: "Welcome to the chronicles of history that were never covered in high school. This is for the extreme, the unexpected, the untold and the flat-out weird parts of history. Because as weird as people seem today, we don't hold a candle to history." 

This video and others from Weird History may be especially useful for 

+ Introducing a new layer to history lessons taught in class or courseware
+ Keeping students’ attention within long readings or lessons with entertaining videos
+ Hooking learners at the start of a lesson or lecture

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