The Content team at Boclips is gearing up to attend VidCon in June. In preparation, they’ve been building up our content pipeline — opening applications for video commissions, launching a quarterly newsletter for educational content creators, and adding new content to the roster.

For a look at some of the latest videos added to Boclips’ collection, check out the clips below.

1. Stand Up, Speak Up | Empathy & Leadership | Kids Songs

AMP’D — Social and Emotional Learning Songs for Early Childhood
  New content partner

AMP'D pairs catchy tunes with animations to engage young kids with social-emotional learning concepts.

The song in this video, "Stand Up, Speak Up," teaches learners to use their voices when they see someone is being bullied or mistreated.

This video and others from AMP'D may be especially useful for

+ Providing hooks for young learners
+ Reinforcing social-emotional learning concepts taught in class
+ Giving kids a "brain break" after a lesson

2. What is cognitive robotics? Turing Fellow Angelo Cangelosi explains

de Dicto
  New content partner

de Dicto invites viewers to become flies on the wall, as interviewer Armin Stepanyan engages in unscripted conversation with human– and machine-intelligence researchers. From Turing fellows to New York Times writers to Cambridge professors, academics join Armin in philosophical and scientific inquiry that will interest college students and lifelong learners alike. Fans of talk podcasts such as Rationally Speaking will surely find videos to enjoy at de Dicto. 

"What is cognitive robotics?" and other videos from de Dicto may be especially useful for

+ Supplementing lectures with open-ended talks from experts
+ Hooking college students at the start of a lesson
+ Reengaging students after an intensive lecture or reading assignment


3. Amoxicillin | Bacterial Targets, Mechanism of Action, Adverse Effects | Antibiotic Lesson

JJ Medicine
  New content partner

JJ Medicine is a new content partner that creates explanatory videos on everything from medical terminology to pharmacology 101 and biochemistry.

In this video, JJ Medicine writes, "In this lesson, you will learn about the antibiotic amoxicillin, the gram positive and gram negative bacteria that amoxicillin targets, how amoxicillin works, and some contraindications of amoxicillin usage along with a long list of adverse reactions associated with amoxicillin usage."

This video and others from JJ Medicine may be especially useful for

+ Providing overviews of various concepts related to medicine
+ Supplementing lessons or labs for college-level students
+ Reinforcing lessons as part of a study guide or review before assessments


4. Ambition in MacBeth —Thematic Analysis

Schooling Online
  New content partner

New content partner Schooling Online provides analyses, summaries, and other supports to help students understand classic literary texts and concepts. Schooling Online's videos all align to IB and Cambridge IGCSE, internationally and based in Australia. Their engaging animations and straightforward explanations can enhance any ELA curriculum.

This video and others from Schooling Online may be especially useful for

+ Providing visual learners with explanations of text-based lessons
+ Contextualizing and unpacking dense literary texts for K–12 students
+ Introducing new literary concepts relevant to reading assignments


5. A better way to understand differential equations | Nonlinear Dynamics

Virtually Passed
  New content partner

New content partner Virtually Passed offers mathematics, physics, and engineering videos perfect for college students and high school upperclassmen. Virtually Passed combines visualizer screens, blackboard work, and mixed media in videos that explain complex STEM concepts.

This video and others from Virtually Passed may be especially useful for 

+ Refreshing college and high school students on previously covered STEM concepts
+ Introducing new STEM concepts at the start of a lecture
+ Providing a brain break after an intensive assignment or lab 


To find out more about how you can use these Boclips videos and millions of others in your courseware, get in touch with us. And if you want to keep seeing new Boclips content at the end of every month, subscribe to our blog.



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