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New Content Roundup: September 2022

Oct 7, 2022 2:37:41 PM

September has been a month of travel for Boclips, from the DIDAC 2022 conference in India to the GESS Oman Summit, and soon off to Bangkok for Asia BETT 2022. As our team has traveled round the world, connecting with education providers from all over, Boclips' Content team has been forging new partnerships themselves.

For a look at a few samples of instructional videos and content creators added to CourseSpark in September, check out the clips below.

1. Wild Animals For Kids

 Little Dreamers Education
  New content partner

Little Dreamers Education aims to help children learn English while having fun, whether they're at home or in the classroom. Focusing on English language quizzes, games and puzzles, as well as easy-to-follow art and crafts, Little Dreamers Education encourages ELL students to explore and learn about our environment. Little Dreamers Education videos help young learners understand concepts such as recycling, community helpers, transportation, people, and more.

All their content is family-friendly, made by teachers for teachers. Theirs children's songs support social skills and help stimulate learners' vocabulary, imagination, knowledge, and memory.

In this video, Little Dreamers Education teaches the names of wild animals. This video and others from Little Dreamers Education may be especially useful for

+ Introducing young ELL students to basic English
+ Providing a “brain break,” with engaging songs and animations
+ Contextualizing English lessons with real-world examples

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2. What Do Tomatoes and Details Have in Common?

All Ears English
  New channel

Teaching English through podcast conversations, All Ears English believes learning English is about connection, not perfection. All Ears English helps learners become fluent with fun material that keeps students' attention.

All Ears English also offers advice and support for listeners living in the US, as well as insight into American culture and how common styles of communication.

This video and others from All Ears English may be especially useful for

+ Learning about vocabulary, expressions, idioms, and more
+ Focusing on audio-based learning material
+ Providing non-English speakers with conversational examples

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3. 10 Things About The Solar System Your Teachers Never Told You

Science ABC
  New content partner

Science ABC makes science lessons simple, relatable, and fun for learners of all stages. 

Simplifying topics that range from Einstein’s Time Dilation to the immune system, and from evolution to quantum entanglement, Science ABC makes complex topics accessible. They also explore casual questions such as “Is the science in the movies accurate,” “Is it possible to have insects the size of humans,” and “Why can I hear a thundering sound in my ear?”

This video and others from Science ABC may be especially useful for

+ Helping science students learn about complex subject matters
+ Building science lessons with animated examples
+ Introducing K–12 learners to science through everyday examples

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4. Adding and subtracting functions

Brian McLogan

Short and to-the-point, Brian McLogan’s videos cover everything from Algebra 1 through Calculus. They teach math from the perspective of the struggling student. Some of McLogan's other video titles include "Graph Linear Equations," "Write Linear Equations," "Solve Proportions," "Solve One-Variable Inequalities," "Solve Compound Inequalities," and "Graph Linear Inequalities in Two Variables."

This video and others from Brian McLogan may be especially useful for

+ Introducing beginners to higher-level math
+ Simplifying complex mathematics
+ Supplementing textbooks with blackboard lessons

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5. Making Theatre in the Climate Crisis - Designing Paradise and the Theatre Green Book

National Theatre

The National Theatre in London creates videos that are entertaining, challenging, and inspiring for all types of learners. Videos range from behind-the-scenes videos of the world-class theatre to sit-downs with famous actors and actresses, to live performances filmed on video.

This video and others from National Theatre may be especially useful for

+ Introducing literacy to learners through engaging film
+ Showing how theatre productions are created from the ground up
+ Allowing students to learn more about creative arts through interviews with cast and crew members

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