As we step into the crisp, refreshing days of fall, Boclips is delighted to highlight a selection of new partnerships. Each brings unique and enriching content to our platform, enhancing our commitment to dynamic educational experiences. Join us in embracing this season of learning and discovery with our latest collaborators.


1. Multiplication Using Arrays

Mighty Owl

MightyOwl is a leading educational platform that’s dedicated to delivering captivating and curriculum-aligned resources for learners from kindergarten through seventh grade. Their video library includes lessons that transform traditional learning into immersive and interactive experiences that inspire young minds to reach new academic heights.


This video and others from MightyOwl may be especially useful for:

  • Diving into mathematics with fun lessons to build critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Exploring the wonders of science through experiments and demonstrations to understand the world around us
  • Developing a passion for language arts through storytelling and literacy tools that support reading and writing proficiency

2. ADHD vs Autism - How to Tell the Difference

Dr. Tracey Marks

Dr. Marks is a widely-recognized psychiatrist and mental health communicator who makes insightful videos covering a wide array of mental health topics, including disorders, coping strategies, and more!


This video and others from Dr. Tracey Marks may be especially useful for:

  • Gaining an in-depth understanding of mental health topics, from basic concepts to more complex issues
  • Accessing practical tips and strategies for maintaining mental wellness, managing stress, and promoting emotional resilience
  • Learning about the importance of mental health in everyday life through relatable examples and evidence-based practices


3. Doctor Izzy

Shane the Chef
Shane the Chef specializes in blending culinary arts with engaging learning experiences for children, making the kitchen a classroom full of discovery and fun. Their videos not only teach the basics of cooking but also incorporate essential skills like math, science, and healthy eating habits.

This video and others from Shane the Chef may be especially useful for:

  • Mastering fundamental cooking skills through easy-to-follow, child-friendly recipes that encourage hands-on learning and creativity
  • Understanding the science behind cooking, from the chemistry of baking to the physics of mixing and stirring, making each recipe a practical science lesson
  • Learning about healthy eating and nutrition, fostering an early appreciation for wholesome, balanced meals


4. The Canal that Accidentally Grew a Forest in the Arizona Desert

Andrew Millison

Andrew is a professor at Oregon State University who brings his vast knowledge and passion for environmental stewardship to our platform. His content is thoughtfully designed to educate on the principles of permaculture, sustainable agriculture, and ecological design, making it an invaluable resource for learners of all ages.


This video and others from Andrew Millison may be especially useful for:

  • Gaining a comprehensive understanding of permaculture principles and their application in various environments, from urban spaces to rural landscapes
  • Discovering innovative techniques in sustainable agriculture, soil regeneration, and water conservation, essential for nurturing a healthier planet
  • Exploring case studies and real-world examples of successful ecological design, providing practical insights and inspiration for sustainable living practices


5. Tasty Breaks - Snack Time


Kutuki is a pioneering educational platform that brings a unique blend of Indian culture and interactive learning to young children. Kutuki's innovative approach uses captivating stories, songs, and activities rooted in the rich tapestry of Indian culture, making learning relatable and fun for early learners. Their content spans a diverse range of subjects, encompassing language, math, science, and essential life skills, all presented through a culturally resonant lens.


This video and others from Kutuki may be especially useful for:

  • Being immersed in a world of engaging Indian stories and songs that not only entertain but also impart valuable moral and educational lessons
  • Developing foundational skills in core subjects like language, math, and science, through content that is thoughtfully tailored to align with the learning pace of young minds
  • Experiencing the diversity of Indian culture and heritage, fostering a sense of identity and belonging, while also nurturing curiosity and empathy towards different cultures



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