As we awaken from the slumber of winter, Boclips is excited to showcase some of our new partnerships that embody the spirit of springtime renewal and growth. These fresh collaborations will bring an array of exciting content to our platform. Each brings their unique expertise and creativity, and we can't wait for our users to explore all the new content they have to offer. So, without further ado, join us in celebrating these new partnerships and discovering the diverse range of engaging and informative content they bring to Boclips.

1. Vincent Van Gogh's The Starry Night

Great Art Explained

Great Art Explained explores the world's most iconic artworks, explaining their history, significance, and hidden meanings. Their short, visually-stunning explainers take a unique approach to art and make it accessible to everyone, whether they’re art lovers or novices.

This video and others from Great Art Explained may be especially useful for

  • Introducing art movements, artists and their works
  • Analyzing the visual elements of a painting or sculpture and using it as inspiration for creative writing or poetry
  • Exploring how art reflects historical events and cultural values

2. The Five Senses

The Theo the Mouse Show

The Theo the Mouse Show is a delightful series that offers a fun and interactive way for young children to learn about the world around them. With the help of his friends, Theo explores a wide range of topics, from colors and shapes to letters and numbers. Through music, games, and storytelling, learners will develop their cognitive, motor, and social skills, all while having a blast.

This video and others from The Theo the Mouse Show may be especially useful for:

  • Introducing basic colors, shapes, and numbers in a fun and engaging way
  • Helping English language learners - the simple and repetitive language is perfect for building their vocabulary and grammar skills
  • Teaching social-emotional skills - Theo and his friends model positive behavior and problem-solving skills


3. Conversational Sign Language

Learn How to Sign

Learn How to Sign teaches American Sign Language (ASL) to viewers of all ages and abilities. With clear demonstrations and easy-to-follow instructions, viewers will learn the basics of ASL, including fingerspelling, vocabulary, and grammar. The channel also features deaf guest speakers, providing valuable insights into deaf culture and community.

This video and others from Learn How to Sign may be especially useful for

  • Helping all students gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of deaf culture, history and contributions
  • Students learning ASL, which is a highly expressive and visual language
  • Promoting inclusivity and empathy towards the dead and hard-of-hearing communities


4. White Blood Cell Interaction

Interactive Biology

Using animated graphics and clear explanations, Interactive Biology covers a wide range of science topics, from cell biology to human physiology. With a focus on problem-solving and critical thinking, Interactive Biology provides an immersive learning experience that makes learning about biology and anatomy fun and accessible.

This video and others from Interactive Biology may be especially useful for

  • Helping students develop a deeper understanding of the natural world
  • Introducing and reinforcing concepts in biology, so students have a better understanding of the material and can prepare for exams
  • Supplementing health curriculum, with videos on nutrition, exercise, and disease prevention


5. The Alphabet Explained: The Origin of Every Letter


RobWords features entertaining and educational videos that explore the origins and usage of the English language. Hosted by Rob Watts, a newsreader in the UK and Germany, RobWords delves into the etymology and fun facts behind common English words and phrases. Whether viewers are language enthusiasts or just starting to learn English, RobWords promises to teach them something new and interesting.

This video and others from RobWords may be especially useful for

  • Teaching vocabulary, grammar, and writing skills
  • Exploring the cultural influences and linguistic diversity of the English language, as well as its impact on globalization and international communication
  • STEM lessons in which students can learn about the scientific and technical language used in various fields, as well as the importance of clear communication in science and technology


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