With Thanksgiving, Bonfire Night, Diwali, and the release of the John Lewis advert to mark the beginning of the holiday season, we have had a lot to celebrate in November. If you’re looking for more reasons to celebrate, we’ve also added plenty of content to CourseSpark this month. 

Here’s a sample of instructional videos added in November:

1. Electrical Current Explained

The Engineering Mindset
  New content partner

New Boclips content partner The Engineering Mindset helps students and engineers learn technical engineering topics with short, simple tutorials. Each video minimizes technical jargon, while breaking down complex topics witj detailed illustrations and animations. 

This video and others from The Engineering Mindset may be especially useful for

+ Easing learners into complex subjects
+ Complementing higher ed lectures with videos
+ Engaging students with animations

2. Thanksgiving Hidden Picture Game

  New content partner

BrainSnax content features children’s songs, read-along books, story-time, and vocabulary games. BrainSnax is run by an ESL teacher, who leverages the same material in his own classroom. 

This video and others from BrainSnax may be especially useful for

+ Engaging young learners with interactive activities
+ Providing brain breaks in classrooms
+ Supporting lessons with read-alouds


3. The Infinity Stairs

  New content partner

Based on the Elemental Music and Movement Pedagogy, Giligilis are colorful birds that teach music and rhythm. They take young learners on fun, sometimes-clumsy adventures that bring music to our ears: kids’ laughter!

This video and others from Giligilis may be especially useful for

+ Encouraging children to discover the natural harmony of the universe
+ Bringing young learners on a journey with content based on the Orff method
+ Helping children move their bodies and connect with language and music


4. سلسلة أسس شركتك الرقمية - المحاضرة الأولى

Mohamad Jandali

Mohamad Jandali develops financial and academic lessons, and shares entrepreneurial and personal experiences with learners.

كاديمية رواد هي المساحة الافتراضية التي نقوم من خلالها بتبادل الخبرات والمفاهيم الريادية

هدفنا إثراء المحتوى الرقمي بأدوات يستعملها الشباب الصاعد ليكتسبوا قوة مالية وفكرية

This video and others from Mohamed Jandali may be especially useful for

+ Teaching through real-world entrepreneurial and personal experiences
+ Aiding learning with either direct-to-camera or audio format
+ Providing lessons in Arabic to native speakers


5. How The Economy Of Japan Could Predict The Next Decade: Japan's Economy, Past & Present

Economics Explained

Economics Explained covers the big topics and news headlines from an economist's perspective. The team at Economics Explained explores a wide range of subjects to improve learners’ ability to understand the world more clearly.

This video and others from Economics Explained may be especially useful for

+ Providing detailed economic learnings connected to current events
+ Aiding learning with graphs and audio
+ Giving learners a "brain break" between lessons or assignments


To find out more about how you can use these Boclips videos and millions of others in your courseware, get in touch with us. And if you want to keep seeing new Boclips content at the end of every month, subscribe to our blog



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