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As the temperatures rise, so does our commitment to bringing you the freshest and most engaging resources for learners of all ages. We’re thrilled to show off some of the newest additions to our stellar group of content partners. They’re sure to spark a flame within learners, fuel their curiosity, and keep them on track to achieving their educational goals!


1. Spanish Clothes Vocabulary 

Spanish Playground

Spanish Playground provides a treasure trove of resources for learners, from those just embarking on their language learning journey to those who are well-traveled. Their dynamic and conversational videos encompass a wide range of topics, from vocabulary and grammar lessons to cultural insights and immersive storytelling.


This video and others from Spanish Playground may be especially useful for:

  • Building a strong foundation in Spanish vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation
  • Practicing conversational skills through dialogues, role-plays, and interactive activities
  • Encouraging language acquisition through engaging stories
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2. How to Set Goals

In Control SEL
In Control SEL is empowering learners through its thoughtfully crafted and relatable social-emotional learning videos and activities. Covering topics like self-reflection, empathy, and resilience, they support learners in developing essential life skills that contribute to personal growth and well-being.

This video and others from In Control SEL may be especially useful for:

  • Schools and organizations committed to creating a supportive and inclusive environment by promoting social-emotional learning
  • Helping students to enhance skills like self-regulation and decision-making
  • Facilitating meaningful conversations and activities centered around emotional intelligence
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3. Story Elements for Kids

Teaching Without Frills
Hillary, creator of Teaching Without Frills, is a primary school teacher who made it her mission to create simple but meaningful videos that captivate learners. Her library focuses primarily on language arts concepts, so students will explore the magic of words, sharpen their communication skills, and unleash their creativity.

This video and others from Teaching Without Frills may be especially useful for:

  • Helping students understand complex grammar and writing concepts with concise and focused videos
  • Diverse learners, including English language learners and students with learning differences, as the videos provide clear explanations and visuals
  • Aligning engaging lessons with Common Core ELA standards
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4. Balancing with this Simple Machine

Kids Learning Tube

Bursting with color, catchy tunes, and engaging animations, Kids Learning Tube is a gateway to a world of knowledge for young explorers. Whether they're budding scientists, history enthusiasts, or language learners, students will love the immersive and interactive learning experience that KLT offers.


This video and others from Kids Learning Tube may be especially useful for:

  • Supplementing primary grade curricula to reinforce and expand upon key topics
  • Providing engaging visual aids and demonstrations to clarify complex ideas or illustrate processes
  • Utilizing songs as mnemonic devices to help learners remember complex information, such as the 50 US states, multiplication facts, and the planets in our solar system
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5. Identifying the Tragic Hero

Lincoln Learning

Lincoln Learning's extensive library of videos features core subjects like history, language arts, and science. They also have incredible videos for subjects not often covered outside of higher education, including photography, cybersecurity, and project management.


From exploring possessive singular nouns to delving into the principles of graphic design, Lincoln Learning provides comprehensive content that will invigorate learners and breathe life into your lessons.


This video and others from Lincoln Learning may be especially useful for:

  • Multimodal learners who thrive when engaging with content through multiple senses
  • Introducing new and complex concepts with simple and easy to understand learning resources
  • Reinforcing prior learning with interactive experiences and thought-provoking discussion prompts
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