Boclips is built on high quality educational video from some of the most globally respected educational brands. Our partnerships allow us to offer you access videos for your courseware or classroom, and we want to make sure you know when we bring on new partners and get new content.

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Take a look at some of our collections covering history, science and everything in-between.

  • Epic History TV: Get a closer look at some of history’s most dramatic events. Epic History TV guides viewers through conflicts like World War One, the history of nations, and the true stories of legends like the pirate Blackbeard. Animated maps, images, and thoughtfully researched scripts pack in the facts while telling a gripping story. Teachers and publishers, be sure to take some time to review their content.
  • Smithsonian: The Smithsonian is one of the world’s premier institutions dedicated to education, research, learning and discovery. Videos from the Smithsonian cover compelling stories, history and facts on a variety of topics in science, history, culture and art from vetted sources. Find relevant videos for courseware or your classroom.
  • PBS Digital Studios: Find original series designed to engage, enlighten and entertain students across a variety of ages. Channels include PBS Eons, PBS Space Time, It's Okay to Be Smart, It's Lit, Origin of Everything, Hot Mess, Two Cents, Monstrum, Beat Making Lab, Infinite Series, and the Ideas Channel. Discover content from these brands that connects with students and works best for your curriculum.
  • Nature League: Explore the basic and complex themes of life on earth through discussions with scientists, and through peer-reviewed literature. Explore the ecosystems on Earth and the mechanics that drive them through clips made to teach. Publishers and teachers can explore relevant clips on Boclips platform.

Access some of the world’s best educational video, and simplify how you find educational videos. Cut through the clutter of other platforms, and transform your digital learning experiences with Boclips.



Boclips is on a mission to make learning more captivating with video with an easier, safer way to access videos from the world’s leading video producers.

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