We believe that every student should be captivated by their learning. Boclips Library and Integrate give you access to quality video content to help make that happen.

Finding relevant and quality educational videos to use in your curriculum or classroom can be a challenge. It takes time and effort to cut through the clutter and clickbait to find videos that are truly useful for your courses. Specially curated content from trusted Boclips partners, brings viewers informative facts, accurate news and brilliantly engaging clips that encourage knowledge and learning. Search for educational videos on a distraction-free platform, and find vetted video clips from some of the highlighted content partners below.

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  • Press Association: Find news packages from a premier news agency in the UK covering global events. Use news clips to illustrate a point or to provide historical context in your courseware. For example, encourage discussion around modern activism watching a video of student activists speaking about climate change.
  • Reuters: Identify clips from a comprehensive collection of trusted business, financial, national and international news. Use the news clips in your classroom or curriculum to help spark discussion on key learning concepts. For example, track the latest events surrounding the 2020 election, and encourage your students to formulate individual opinions.
  • 360Cities: Introduce learners to far away places with beautiful 360° videos from 360Cities. Incorporate interactive videos into your courseware to show a view of ancient structures as if you’re there in person.
  • True Calling: True Calling videos document interviews with individuals who have found an intersection between their purpose and profession. Explore the paths people take to find their passions, and introduce learners to potential careers.

Whether you need to stream a news segment or find a video clip to supplement an activity, Boclips makes it easy to find video clips appropriate for your classroom and courseware. Register for a Boclips for Teachers or Boclips for Publishers account to start using educational videos to enhance learning.





Boclips is on a mission to make learning more captivating with video with an easier, safer way to access videos from the world’s leading video producers.

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