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About Great Big Story

Great Big Story was launched by CNN in 2015 and is now a part of whynow Media. They produce microdocumentaries within 5 key categories. 


Human Condition covers all aspects of what it means to be alive, including triumphs, struggles, and the everyday lives of people worldwide. 


Frontiers explores inspirational stories of people, science, and technology pushing the limits of what’s possible–from art, to space, to sports, and more.


Planet Earth explores the wonders of nature, the environmental challenges we face, and the incredible ongoing initiatives to preserve and protect the Earth. 


Flavors explores culture through a culinary lens. From history and heritage to passion and creativity, learn about cultural significance and the impact that food has had on our communities. 


Origins looks to the start–from scientific innovations to cultural trends and traditions. Learn how common and influential global movements and scientific discoveries got started and about the people responsible. 


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