Kidzovo is a children's learning app with a growing set of accolades including the National Parenting Product Award, Parent's Pick for Best Preschool product, Mom's Choice Award, and dozens more. 


We interviewed Kidzovo founder, Sameer Goyal, to learn how Kidzovo is creating healthy screentime with personalized and interactive learning through educational video. 

  1. Tell us about Kidzovo.

    Kidzovo is a fun learning app providing personalized interactive learning for kids between 2-8 years of age.

    We curate content from the best kids' content creators like SciShow Kids, Kiboomers, Learning Mole, and many more and add fun educational activities where the child taps on the screen, responds with their voice, and even colors on the screen. Our mascot, Ovo, the owl, will be the child's digital buddy and engage and talk with them. We show parents what their kids are learning by letting them hear their children's responses and see their artwork come to life alongside tips from our educators to encourage the children's interests.

    We have kidSAFE COPPA certification meaning the app is completely safe & private for kids. We’ve also won National Parenting Product Awards, Moms Choice awards, Parents Pick awards, and a 5 star certification from Educational App Store.

    Our mission is to empower every child worldwide to reach their full potential through personalized, immersive, and engaging experiences that make learning fun and accessible.

    Our journey began with the sad realization of the unhealthy relationship between kids & technology. Today, our commitment is stronger than ever, that we can build “healthy screen time” for kids. Today’s kids are digital native and grow up with devices all around them. Due to the nature of existing products in the market, kids frequently encounter harmful or unsafe content. We have vowed to bring safe & productive digital experiences to kids’ lives.

  2. Tell us how you built Kidzovo.

    Our team consists of founders Sameer Goyal & Rahul Bhatnagar. We have an engineering team of 3 people working alongside a product & design head, Suprabho Dhenki. We have learning & development team headed by Garima Gaur.

    Our company was founded in early 2022. We assembled the team and focused on building the product. We had our first version of the app in the stores by Dec 2022. We used early feedback from our co-builders to iterate on the app for most of Q1 2023. We started receiving awards in Q1 2023, like the kidSAFE COPPA certification for adhering to privacy & security practices, along with a few other awards & recognition in Q2 & Q3 2023. We added paid subscription tiers in Q4 2023 and started seeing exponential growth around the same time. 


  3. How has Kidzovo integrated Boclips, and what specific features are most valuable for enhancing the learning experience? Who on the team helped plan and implement the integration with Boclips?

    Boclips is Kidzovo’s major content provider. In our early days, it was very time consuming to source content creators and negotiate licensing individually. With Boclips, we got access to hundreds of amazing content creators in a single partnership. It freed up our team’s valuable time to focus on improving the product for kids & parents. Boclips also kept adding to the catalog, so we regularly get access to new & exciting content without moving a finger.

    The content is very well organized and tagged, which makes it quick and easy for us to find the appropriate content. The Boclips metadata is very helpful for us, especially the tags for educational stage, which helps us quickly hone in on the right content for the right age. 

  4. In what ways has Boclips/video impacted engagement with Kidzovo users? Are there any notable improvements or success stories you can highlight?

    Boclips has been the major content provider for Kidzovo for over a year now. Around 90% of all our active users have interacted with content from Boclips. We have feedback from parents that they find the content educational and the kids enjoy it too. Parents also share that kids learn new things due to the high-quality content that keeps them engaged and delivers educational value. Among the different content formats we have, such as Boclips provided content, other video content, coloring, and puzzles, we find that Boclips provided content accounts for the highest timeshare spent by kids. 50% of the entire time spent on Kidzovo is spent in interacting with Boclips content suggesting that Kids love engaging with content from Boclips. Our usage data shows that the video engagement on Kidzovo is on par with other video streaming platforms. 


  5. Could you provide insights into the process of selecting and curating video content through Boclips for Kidzovo? How do you ensure that the content aligns with educational standards and learning objectives?

    We search for content aligning to new topics or age ranges that we are building into the app. We use Boclips filters to find videos and review the content for the best alignment with our app. We build out interactive content that aligns to lessons in the video material. We use data from our existing users & content to improve video selection and activity development process as well.

  6. Kidzovo has a Kidsafe seal - how do you think about safety and how does Boclips support that vision/goal? 

    Since the very first day, we decided that we would prioritize child safety & privacy over everything else. To achieve that goal, we decided early on to adhere to the most stringent of standards for child safety & privacy out there and found that the most important of those standards is COPPA. So we decided to get the kidSAFE COPPA seal as soon as we put the app out in the stores. After a lot of hard work on both sides, we earned our seal in June 2023.

    With Boclips, we know the content comes directly from publishers, guaranteeing its authenticity and safety. Further, the content is marked with educational stages, which helps us correctly set up the age range for our platform, so it's age-appropriate on top of being completely safe.

  7. How are you incorporating AI? How do you think AI will impact the education industry in the next 1-3 years?

    We have been a technology company from the very beginning, so we have used AI in a few areas from the very beginning. 
    • Text-to-speech: We use text-to-speech very heavily so our educators can just type the questions, and our platform ‘speaks’ out the question when kids engage with the app. 
    • Speech to text: Another area we use AI is for speech to text. Speech is a natural mode of communication for kids and we are proud to be one of the only apps where kids can interact using their own speech. 
    • Suggestions: One of the new areas we are experimenting with AI is where the interactive activities themselves are suggested by AI. This has been made possible by new developments in generative AI and we have trained our AI on the data produced by our educators. We’re already seeing AI produce very valuable suggestions and save a lot of time for our educators. Because safety is of utmost importance to us, we do not yet allow the AI suggestions to go live until our content team approves them, but already it has helped our team add content at an even faster pace.

  8. What channels have been working well and what is popular with your viewers?

    There are many channels that are very popular with kids. Kiboomers & Learning Mole are popular with our youngest viewers. Then Numberock & SciShow Kids are very popular for maths & science respectively. We’ve seen new channels on Boclips such as Ria Rabbit do well on our platform as well.

    Meet the founder: 

Kidzovo Sameer GoyalSameer Goyal is the founder of Kidzovo, a personalized interactive app where kids learn while having fun. Sameer has been an engineer with Amazon & AWS for over 8 years before starting out on his entrepreneurial journey. He is passionate about kids and started Kidzovo in 2022 to help kids avoid screen addiction and make digital devices a positive influence in their lives. 

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 “My 4-year-old loves this app, and mom does too! I love that it's always appropriate and safe. He loves that its ever changing and fun! He especially loves that the owl knows his name and he can speak answers! So cute!” ~ Jessica Foster

“This app has got the exact topics to be learned by my 6yrs old son studying in 1st grade!! He could clearly understand the topic and explain it back again. Good one 👏👏” ~ Ira Reddy

“My 5-year-old has been using this app for months, and he LOVES it! I like that he isn’t just watching “mindless” videos but actually learning! The interactive lessons are great for keeping his attention. And I love that I get a weekly update from the app that comes to my email that reviews what he has been learning!” ~ Tiffany Tilley

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