Boclips’ library of content is always growing and we’re adding videos that cover subjects across the curriculum. In addition to 50 new YouTube channels including Video Spark Notes, GradeSaver, and Epic Reads, we’re excited to announce new partners with videos on topics for English, Sciences, Sociology, and Early Childhood. Check out this month's content roundup:

Financial Times

Subject: General Education

Level: Middle School, High School, Higher Education

What you can expect: Dive into current affairs and global history with mini-documentaries. Perfect for classrooms that promote critical thinking. There are a range of topics to engage any student, from cutting-edge technology, energy, ramifications of global policy, athletics, and women's empowerment.

Our favorite video: How to Feed 10bn People discusses the rising global population and the associated increase in demand for food. Is the way we produce food now sustainable? If not, what changes do we need to make for the future?

Available on: Boclips for Teachers, Boclips for Publishers


The Kiboomers

Subject: General Education

Level: Early Childhood

What you can expect: These original songs are designed for children to sing, dance, and play while they learn! For the Pre-K classroom, children will master new vocabulary and basic skills in numbers, counting, and language.

Our favorite video: Willoughby Wallaby Woo is a fun name song for kids. Names are a great way to create a classroom community and integrate reading skills. This is a perfect song for circle time and back to school.

Available on: Boclips for Teachers, Boclips for Publishers

Kiboomers video- February video roundup

Oxford Online English

Subject: English

Level: Middle School

What you can expect: from quick overviews and revision techniques to in-depth explainers, these English language learning (ELL) videos are perfect antidote to help conquer the common plateau encountered when learning a new language.

Our favorite video: SMART Goals to Improve Your English Learning teaches you how to set SMART(Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely) goals and how this can help you learn English more effectively.

Available on: Boclips for Teachers, Boclips for Publishers

Oxford Online English video still- February video roundup

Higgsino Physics

Subject: Physics

Level: High School

What you can expect: Physics can be as weird as it is fascinating, and that’s where Higgsino Physics comes in. These animations explore and explain concepts that are particularly interesting, answering all your student’s lingering questions about entropy, superconductors, or just the best scientific way to cool your coffee.

Our favorite video: Why does heat only flow from hot to cold? Could it ever be the other way around? Entropy Explained - Why Heat Only Flows From Hot to Cold explains the second law of thermodynamics, entropy, with engaging examples and simulations.

Available on: Boclips for Teachers, Boclips for Publishers

Higgsino Physics video still- February content roundup

Socmedia Films

Subject: Sociology

Level: High School and Higher Education

What you can expect: Socmedia takes complex theories in the fields of sociology and psychology and makes them easy to understand in a short film format. Perfect for students in introductory sociology, psychology, or looking for a theoretical approach to a social studies project.

Our favorite video: Mass Media: Interactionist gives a general introduction to the Interactionist perspective on Mass Media. Interactionists take a micro-level approach to understanding how mass media interacts with our lives. For example, programs like the morning and nightly news are an everyday occurrence and families may feel that they develop relationships with the presenters.

Available on: Boclips for Teachers, Boclips for Publishers

SocMedia Films video still- February content roundup 

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Suzanna Taylor

Suzanna is a marketing specialist at Boclips. As a former languages teacher, she is passionate about quality, accessible educational resources.

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