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“To or not to be” is actually NOT the question! The question is how are YOU celebrating World Philosophy Day? Philosophy is defined as the basic ideas about knowledge, right and wrong, reasoning, and the value of things.

Educators engage in philosophical activities every day with their students: the very act of sharing knowledge is philosophical in itself. Plus, everyone has their own philosophy of education regarding why and how material should be taught.

To celebrate World Philosophy Day 2020, check out some of our favorite philosophy videos below. These clips are great to use in class debates, presentations, and discussions to make this year's Philosophy Day one to remember!

1- What is Philosophy? by Crash Course Philosophy 

Join Hank Green as he explains the 3 branches of philosophy and how we began asking all these questions. He discusses logic and how to use it to understand and critically evaluate a whole host of different worldviews.


2- It is Impossible to Tell If Anything is Good or Bad by AfterSkool

The Story of the Chinese Farmer told by Alan Watts explores the idea that events which seemed terrible at the time sometimes turn out to change life's course and lead to something positive. The tale encourages the viewer to think creatively about life events and to be adaptable and courageous in the face of challenge. 


3- What is Real: Plato's Allegory of the Cave by Wisecrack

Wisecrack's series, 8-Bit Philosophy, introduces famous thinkers, problems, and concepts with quotes, teachings, and more through the medium of classic video games! Watch as Plato’s Allegory of the Cave (presented in The Republic around 380BC) is introduced through The Legend of Zelda.


4- How to Argue: Philosophical Reasoning by Crash Course Philosophy 

Ready to talk Philosophy? First you need to know how to argue properly. This videos starts with an overview of philosophical reasoning then discusses how deductive arguments work (and sometimes don’t work!).


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Kim Ramsey

Kim is Boclips' Director of Partner Success and manages both K-12 and business education accounts. She is a former K-12 educator and Director of Instructional Technology and holds a Master's Degree in Educational Technology.

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