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Boclips OpenStax Collection

Video collections supporting OpenStax resources

Captivate every learner with our OpenStax video collections aligned to more than 50 textbooks, chapters and sections—available to purchase in Boclips Library.

Boclips is an OpenStax Ally

As an OpenStax Ally, Boclips is proud to provide extensive video alignments specially curated to OpenStax resources.

In collaboration with subject matter experts, our team has built a unique, affordable video content repository.

Using textbooks as a framework, we mapped over 16,500+ educational clips to match the contents of nearly every book, chapter, and section.

Explore videos for purchase through Boclips Library

Add a Boclips video to your existing Openstax Perusall course (1)
Add a Boclips video to your existing Openstax Perusall course (1)

Add OpenStax aligned videos in Perusall

We're proud to partner with Perusall to provide OpenStax-aligned videos directly in the Perusall platform. With over 17,000 videos aligned to more than 50 OpenStax resources, instructors can easily add videos aligned to each chapter and learning objective. Learn more at


This collaboration is really about deepening student engagement. The active learning opportunities provided by Boclips advance our mission to increase educational equity and quality for millions of students.

Daniel Williamson | Managing Director, OpenStax

There's a responsibility on the part of tech and education providers to deliver high-quality, curriculum-aligned media resources.

David Bainbridge | Founder & CEO, Boclips

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