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Video collections supporting every OpenStax textbook

Captivate every learner with our OpenStax video collections aligned to every book, chapter and section... now available on our CourseSpark platform






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OpenStax | Boclips Partnership

Boclips team introduces 50+ pre-curated collections of educational videos aligned to every OpenStax textbook, now available on the CourseSpark platform. 

In collaboration with subject matter experts, our team built a unique, affordable video content repository.

Using textbooks as a framework, we mapped over 16,500+ educational clips to match the contents of every book, chapter, and section.


Expert Curation

Every collection contains hundreds of videos pedagogically mapped to each section and approved by a subject matter expert, so you can start using the collections right away. 

450+ Creators

CourseSpark is home to over 2 million videos from over 450 creators like TED, PBS, Crash Course, and hundreds more, allowing users to find relevant video content fast. 

Licensed Content

All CourseSpark clips are licensed. You can use our collections during live classes and in online courses. Boclips secures and manages rights with content partners. 






OpenStax | Boclips Webinar 

Join Boclips, an OpenStax Ally, in a live discussion about leveraging the power of curated, vetted, pedagogically sequenced videos to captivate students and ignite a passion for learning. 



OpenStax Textbooks

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Daniel Williamson, Managing Director at OpenStax
"This collaboration is really about deepening student engagement. The active learning opportunities provided by Boclips advance our mission to increase educational equity and quality for millions of students."
Daniel Williamson
Managing Director, OpenStax
David Bainbridge_CEO
"There's a responsibility on the part of tech and education providers to deliver high-quality, curriculum-aligned media resources."
David Bainbridge
Founder & CEO, Boclips

CourseSpark makes it easy to use video in your courseware

Create engaging courses faster and smarter

Replace custom video production, lengthy scripting process and limitations of proprietary content with access to over 2 million licensed media assets. 



Access a wealth of content with one license

Boclips is the first purely educational, multi-subject video and podcast platform. Access content from over 450 creators like Ted-Ed, Crash Course, or FuseSchool.



Build a unique curriculum 

Make your educational app, course or classes stand out with captivating visuals. Our metadata-tagged videos and user-friendly filters allow curriculum designers and educators to discover the perfect video in seconds. 






How we enrich video content with the Edufit process

Boclips EDUFIT process tighter

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Get in touch with our team to get access to curated collections on the CourseSpark platform. 




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