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Boclips Training Resources

Video tutorials and downloadable strategy sheets to help you make the most of video in the classroom.


Video Training Resources

Our tutorials guide you through making the most of Boclips, pedagogy and key strategies for using video in the classroom, and integrations with other great tech tools. Check back regularly for new webinars.

Our Features

New here? Find your way around Boclips for Teachers and discover some handy hints and tips.

Frameworks and Models

Find out about three different frameworks and models to support you in effectively integrating Boclips into your curriculum and instruction.

Lesson Planning Inspiration

Make the most of Boclips Common Core Unit Guides, which come complete with guidance on activities to meet the standards.

Our Content

Explore our teacher loved content and find relevant videos for your students.

Video Strategies

Discover strategies to support you in successfully integrating video into your lessons.

Differentiated Instruction 

Every classroom has students with different needs. Find out how you can engage them with video-based instruction in this webinar.

Strategy Sheets

Explore downloadable strategy sheets with bitesize takeaways to use in your lessons. Check back regularly for new strategies.


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