AI Policy

Effective: October 1, 2023

Boclips is dedicated to maintaining a fair and transparent approach to practices with Artificial Intelligence (AI), while respecting the intellectual property rights of our Content Partners and the provision of a high-quality product to our customers. This document aims to clarify the usage of content and metadata for training AI models, while clearly distinguishing customer AI models from Boclips' AI models. Our intention is to uphold ethical standards concerning AI and intellectual property, while allowing for reasonable flexibility and innovation so as to support advances in education, licensing and our overall mission of placing engaging content into learning environments.

Our policy is,

  • To directly label any content that has been fully generated by AI as AI-generated.
  • To not label content when AI assistance has been used as most content will have a degree of AI assistance now or in the future. This policy linked from our pages serves as the notice that AI assistance is used throughout our products.
  • To not use, or allow our customers to use, our Content Partners’ assets (i.e., video) to train or enhance any generative AI model with the exception of;
    • Internal and proprietary models with the sole purpose of enhancing the value of these assets for mutual benefit of us and our Content Partners, such as improving metadata or generating clips from longer videos to be sold.
    • And with the explicit exclusion of using the assets to train models that are intended to be used to generate new content, such as videos or text, not associated with our Content Partners, e.g. generating new videos from text.
  • To regularly review and revise this policy to keep up to date with the latest advances in AI and ensure we are adequately supporting our customers and Content Partners.


Terminology Used in this Document



Artificial Intelligence (AI) - the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages.

AI generated content - Content which is generated automatically and added into the product without any human intervention at creation or editing stages, or extremely minimal human intervention.

AI assisted content - Content which has had human intervention either at creation, editing or quality control stages.



Common Questions Around Use of AI



Q: Does Boclips use AI? 
A: Yes, we have AI generated and AI assisted content. In addition we leverage AI techniques for many of our solutions (such as search) that don’t directly generate any content.

Q: Why and How does Boclips use AI? 

A: Examples of some of the ways Boclips currently uses AI are outlined below.

Scale expertise

Video metadata applied carefully by our experienced teams is used to train our machine learning models. These models then can apply metadata to a greater volume of videos, enabling us to scale our team’s expertise exponentially.

Improve Feature Performance

Platform features like our Search function improve over time with inputs from human quality controllers, historical usage data, and video interactions.

Form Contextual Recommendations

We’ve developed a robust video recommendation engine with our AI functionality. This engine continues to improve as our user-base grows, and additional use cases continue to be developed.


We’re always looking for new ways to expand and apply our unique technology, content, and experience to further the education goals of our customers. We’re currently experimenting with dynamic video tutors, draft lesson planning, and more.


Q: How does Boclips identify AI in the product? 

A: Content tagged with “AI generated” will reflect content generated via the definition of AI generated content. Content with a human intervention or classified as “AI assisted” will not be directly tagged currently.

Q: How does Boclips manage AI content? 

A: We have an audit sheet where we keep track of content or features that have been influenced by AI. This is  primarily for anticipated future legal and due diligence reasons. If you have any questions about this please contact boclips-ai@boclips.com 


  1. What to do if I have any questions, concerns or would like to discuss how AI is used at Boclips?

Contact us at boclips-ai@boclips.com with any questions. We are constantly developing our AI strategy and policies as the market itself shifts and we are happy to discuss with you.