We believe that every student should be captivated by their learning. Coursespark and Listenwise give you access to quality video and audio content to help make that happen.


It’s a match! We are excited to announce the acquisition of Listenwise, the award-winning listening comprehension platform for grades 2-12. With this acquisition, we’re continuing our commitment to making education more compelling through rich media offerings to learners of all ages around the world.

Educators are taking note: leveraging engaging digital content in learning has an overwhelming effect on student success. This acquisition creates a unique offering of rich, curated video and audio content for global education providers and we are thrilled to partner with Listenwise to meet this demand together.

Check out a short interview with David Bainbridge, CEO of Boclips and Monica Brady-Myerov, CEO of Listenwise below.


About Listenwise

Listenwise harnesses the power of listening to advance literacy and learning in students by offering a truly impressive library of podcast lessons designed to engage their audience in real-world relevance and storytelling. These curriculum-aligned podcasts are paired with learning tools and listening comprehension assessments to transform them into rigorous academic content for classroom grades 2 to 12. 

Their collection of Lexile-leveled podcasts (including from their leading podcast partner, NPR) keeps teaching connected to the real world and builds student listening skills at the same time. Listenwise offers the world’s largest library of listening comprehension assessments available for the classroom.

We here at Boclips are ecstatic to be shoulder-to-shoulder with such a talented team who shares our commitment to bringing education to life with rich digital content!

So what does all this mean for our customers?

In the near term, there will be no major changes for customers of Boclips or Listenwise. Over the next few quarters, however, we plan to develop new products and offerings that will expand access to a greater breadth of rich educational media for our customers.

Learn more about the acquisition here.

Questions? Contact us at contact@boclips.com.


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