At Boclips, we believe every student should be captivated by learning. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce two updates that can help take your educational offerings to the next level: free access to our API through Boclips Integrate, and flexible, pay-as-you-go pricing for Boclips Library.


Enrich your platform with Ed-Ready video


Imagine having access to over 2.2 million education-ready videos from more than 550 of the world's most renowned content creators. That's what Boclips offers – an expansive, curated library that can significantly strengthen your value proposition. Whether you’re a developer crafting the next groundbreaking EdTech software, an innovator designing educational apps, or a leader managing learning environments, our API seamlessly integrates into your platform, enriching your digital offerings with white-labeled access to top-notch educational videos.


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Dive into our API Documentation for comprehensive details on how to integrate and utilize our platform to its fullest potential.


Supercharge courses with digital learning content


We are also excited to announce new flexible, pay-as-you-go pricing for the Boclips Library. With Boclips Library, we help you discover, purchase, and immediately access the perfect content for your course by organizing with pedagogical tags, curriculum alignments and more. 

This frees up your time to do more of what you do best - building incredible learning experiences with the world’s best content.


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Learn more about the content curation and organization processes we use to ensure easy access to our expansive video collection.


Diverse API & Library Use Cases: A World of Possibilities


The versatility of Boclips Integrate and Boclips Library caters to a broad spectrum of educational needs. Here are just a few ways our offerings can revolutionize your educational content:

  • Enhance learning platforms with rich, engaging video content.
  • Integrate educational videos into course materials and digital textbooks.
  • Enrich lesson plans with curriculum-aligned video resources.
  • Offer dynamic and interactive learning experiences in virtual classrooms.

AI tutor


Explore additional API use cases like a video-enabled AI tutor, video-based assessment remediation and embedded video search-and-play.


Product Highlights

  • Extensive Video Library: Dive into our vast collection of over 2.2 million Ed-Ready videos, designed to cater to diverse learning styles and subjects.
  • Curriculum & Standards Alignment: Our videos are meticulously aligned with educational standards, ensuring they meet the rigorous requirements of modern education.
  • Metadata Enrichment: Every video is enriched with detailed metadata, supporting a wide array of use cases and making integration seamless.
  • Customization & Flexibility: Our API and Library are designed for flexibility, allowing you to tailor the video content to your platform’s specific needs.
  • Fully Licensed and Rights-Cleared Content: With Boclips, say goodbye to legal worries. All our videos are fully licensed and rights-cleared, ensuring peace of mind for you and your users.

With Boclips, you’re not just accessing videos; you’re unlocking a gateway to enriching, engaging, and effective learning experiences.


Request your API key and get started for free:


Start exploring the library today:

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