We are excited to announce an thrilling enhancement to your Boclips experience! We have just released our first official AI-generated features - "Learning Outcomes" and "Assessment Questions" - on our instructional video pages. 


This development marks an exciting journey for Boclips into the world of generative AI. Responsibly integrating AI features into the Boclips platform has the potential to revolutionize the way educational content is curated, delivered, and personalized. It can enhance the learning experience, improve efficiency, and keep our clients competitive in a rapidly evolving educational technology landscape. You can see the details of our AI policy here.


What are the new features?


  • Learning Outcomes: for many of our videos there will now be a list of highlighted learning outcomes, in addition to the standard video description. This list will allow you to see a high-level, bulleted overview of the content covered within the video and more accurately determine whether it aligns with your teaching objectives
  • Assessment Questions: Similar to the learning outcomes, assessment questions will allow you to see the questions that a viewer should be able to answer after watching the video

By adding these new features, we aim to make video selection more straightforward and allow you to choose videos that more accurately align with your goals and objectives.


Where is the AI-generated content?


Moving forward, when you explore CourseSpark, you'll notice new "AI Generated" badges displayed on selected instructional video pages. These badges signify the introduction of AI-generated content to our platform, providing you with even more valuable insights and resources.


Simply click on the badge, and you'll find detailed information and definitions. We've included some handy screenshots below to give you a peek:



What else do I need to know about this exciting update?


Exclusively on Instructional Videos: Our AI-generated "Learning Outcomes" and "Assessment Questions" will be available exclusively on videos categorized as "instructional." This ensures that you receive the most relevant and valuable content in your learning journey.


English Language Videos: Initially, these AI-powered features will be available on English language videos. We are constantly working to expand this feature to other languages in the future.


We're incredibly proud of our team's dedication and hard work in bringing these exciting features to life. This marks a significant milestone, propelling Boclips firmly into the generative AI arena and opening up new possibilities for enriched learning experiences. Get ready to embark on an enhanced learning journey with Boclips as we unveil these powerful additions.

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