We believe that every student should be captivated by their learning. Boclips Library and Integrate give you access to quality video content to help make that happen.

In the ever-evolving landscape of education technology, it's crucial to stay ahead of the curve. That's why we are incredibly excited to announce a new development in our journey towards transforming the educational experience. Our new partnership with Perusall, a leader in digital learning and fellow OpenStax Ally, marks a significant milestone in our mission to make learning more dynamic, engaging, and effective.


As of 2022, Boclips has enjoyed a partnership with Rice University-based OpenStax, a leading nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing access to education for all students by providing free, high-quality, peer-reviewed, openly licensed textbooks. With thousands of educational videos pedagogically mapped to each of OpenStax's textbooks, Boclips helps OpenStax users address student demand for media-rich content, and solve industry challenges around engaging learners and licensing videos.


Beginning February 1st, we will take our OpenStax partnership to the next level hand-in-hand with Perusall. Perusall, who offers the full stack of OpenStax titles through their catalog, will begin allowing the incorporation of our OpenStax video alignments within their platform, heralding a new era in digital education. 


Add a boclips video to your existing Openstax Perusall course


What makes the Boclips video integration special? Boclips is a vast library of educational videos, each carefully selected for its pedagogical value. This integration means that instructors will have access to thousands of Ed-Ready videos that align perfectly with their OpenStax course material, potentially saving several hours of preparation per course. Instead, they can focus more on what they do best – teaching and engaging with their students.


Our partnership with Perusall and the integration of Boclips videos represent more than just technological advancement; it embodies our commitment to making education more accessible, captivating and relevant in the digital age.

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