Maximizing the impact of video (3)
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On-Demand Webinar:

Maximizing the Impact of Video

Watch this webinar to learn how to build great student-first experiences with video. 

On-demand webinar: 
Maximizing the impact of video to build student-first learning experiences 

Video is a proven tool to increase engagement and support enhanced memory and retention in academic settings. Not only is it an accessible medium that supports multiple learning styles, but it provides global perspectives, promotes critical thinking, and creates inclusive opportunities for learning. 

Video learning guides: 
6 digital learning strategies to drive engaged learning experiences 

Download this pack of 6 digital strategies and handouts to support incorporating video into your lessons to create active learning experiences.
Strategies include:
*3-2-1: Three facts, two questions, one opinion (includes handout)
* It's a lottery!
* Exit tickets
* Post it!
* Pause for Understanding
* Bingo! (Includes handout)
Maximizing the impact of video (5)

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