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 A smarter, safer way to use video in the classroom

Using video to hook students into your lessons should be seamless, easy, and above all safe. Skip the inappropriate content and unlock the world's largest library of educational videos on Boclips for Teachers

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Why Boclips for Teachers

Teachers today know the value of using video to engage students and deepen learning. But finding videos that are safe, relevant, and age-appropriate isn't easy. That's why we created Boclips for Teachers. 


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Captivate your class with remarkable video content.

Boclips for Teachers puts the power of video at your fingertips with bite-sized educational videos, teacher-curated collections, and award-winning content—all in one place.

Teacher-loved content

Featuring short-form educational videos from 120+ globally trusted and renowned educational producers.

Curated by

Our collections are curated by real teachers to target teaching, support learning objectives, and spark students' curiosity. 


Our secure platform is free of inappropriate content to ensure students' safety and give teachers peace of mind.

A time-saving

We’ve taken the drudgery out of searching for content by making it easier for busy teachers to find relevant videos.

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Designed for teachers, by teachers

With short-form videos in a variety of formats, shared video collections, closed captioning, and new content added every day, there’s something for everyone to love on Boclips for Teachers. Watch this video for a peek inside the platform or download our info sheet to learn more.


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Boclips is an easy-to-use educational resource for any subject. The videos are targeted for specific topics which provides peace of mind as an educator when needing a video for a lesson.
Steffani Smith
Health and Physical Education Teacher
I'm always searching for ways to keep my students engaged and bring the world inside our classroom. With Boclips for Teachers, I have another amazing resource to add to my toolkit!
Victoria Mendoza
Kindergarten Teacher
As a virtual school teacher, I find this platform helpful because it includes many resources that can be applied across the curriculum. The simple research request gives more than 500 examples of clips that correlated with the requested topic and students' grade level. Moreover, the search engine is simple to use and quick, which gives a teacher the opportunity to sort all suggestions to ensure a better understanding of a requested topic.
Tetyana Escoto
Virtual Teacher
Used as part of a just-in-time direct instruction routine, students can benefit from discovering the power of video to enhance and extend their learning. Teachers will love Boclips for the variety of subject matter and the quality information in the videos.
Ana Hale
Instructional Technology Specialist
During our six-hour training we have covered all kinds of amazing resources to use in flipping our classroom. Boclips was by far my favorite and easiest to use. I can't wait to share with other teachers.
Anonymous Elementary Teacher


The struggle to find educational videos is real.

It shouldn't be.



of teachers search for videos either weekly or daily


of teachers struggle to find the time to search for videos


of teachers feel frustrated when searching for videos


of teachers spend as much as an hour looking for videos

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