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We’ve just released our beta launch of boclips for Teachers—a safe, time-saving alternative to YouTube. Sign up today and receive complimentary lifetime access as our thanks for your feedback on our platform!

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Bring the real world into your classroom with high quality educational videos for every age level and subject.

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Teacher-Loved Content

Featuring over 1 million educational videos from 100+ top content producers, our videos are chosen by teachers FOR teachers.
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Teacher-Friendly Platform 

Specifically designed with teachers' unique challenges in mind, our platform provides teachers the tools they need to use videos easily and effectively.
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Time-Saving Search

Our curriculum curation and short-form clips make it easier for teachers to search and find the content they need to optimise learning.
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Worry-Free Viewing

Our safe and ad-free platform means that teachers can use video in the classroom with peace of mind and zero distractions.
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Free Educational Videos for Teachers for Life
Students can benefit from discovering the power of video to enhance and extend their learning. Teachers will love boclips for the variety of subject matter and the quality of information in the videos." 

boclips has one bold goal: to help education providers and teachers harness the power of video to drive student engagement and learning. We believe in the proven benefits of educational video for students and teachers alike. We know that when lessons are enhanced with videos, teachers are better able to contextualize learning, simplify complex ideas, and make knowledge acquisition more engaging and fun. And we’re encouraged to see more teachers using video as a learning tool than ever before.

boclips for Teachers makes it easier and safer for teachers to use the world’s best educational videos to captivate and inspire their students. We’ve combined over one million short-form videos from the most trusted video producers into a safe, secure video platform, helping teachers to bring the real world into the classroom one clip at a time. 


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