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With videos covering the K12 curriculum and beyond, you're sure to find something to captivate your students.

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Video-focussed standards-aligned lesson guides save you time and are easily adaptable to your students' needs. 

Training Resources

Regular webinars, video tutorials, and video strategy guides support you in effectively implementing video in the classroom.


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As a virtual school teacher, I find this program helpful because it includes many resources that can be applied across the curriculum.
Virtual Teacher
I'm always searching for ways to keep my students engaged and bring the world inside our classroom. With Boclips, I have another amazing resource to add to my toolkit!
Kindergarten Teacher
Georgia, USA
Boclips is an easy to use educational resource for any subject. The videos are targeted for specific topics which provide peace of mind as an educator when needing a video for a lesson.
Health and Physical Education Teacher
North Carolina, USA

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