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Quickly find and share curriculum-aligned videos to enhance lessons and drive more student engagement. 

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Spark curiosity and bring learning to life

Video is a critical component of an accessible, engaging curriculum that supports digitally native learners. But, finding safe, curriculum-aligned videos can be time-consuming and sending students to YouTube can be a distraction.  

Boclips offers teachers a better way easily enhance learning experiences with world-class educational video. 

With over 2.2M educational videos from top brands like PBS, SciShow, TED, Fuseschool, Bloomberg, Crash Course, and more, you can safely share educational video directly with students. 

Boclips Classroom makes it easy to quickly find and share the perfect video. 

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Save time with curriculum alignments

Search more than 70 common curriculum state standards, or search with educational tags like subject, level, and pedagogical use case to quickly find the right video to support your lesson. 

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Safely share videos with students

Unlike YouTube, Boclips videos are direct from content creators, meaning there is guaranteed content provenance and no risk of misinformation, inappropriate content, or ads to distract students. Share directly, in LMS, or in Google Classroom. 

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classroom playlist

Organize and collaborate

Save videos in playlists to organize by lesson, unit, or project. Share playlists with colleagues to collaborate across classes. 

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Try Boclips in your classroom and share curated, Ed-Ready video with students. Get started with a 60-day free trial and access all 2.2M videos and more than 70 curriculum alignments. 

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Enable teachers to enhance lessons and homework with more than 2.2M curriculum-aligned, Ed-Ready videos with school-wide access. Contact us to discuss pricing and pilot opportunities. 


Boclips Classroom aligns with more than 70 common curriculums.

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Resources for teachers

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