Boclips is on a mission to make learning captivating. For a digitally native generation of K-12 learners, video is no longer nice to have; it's a necessity to provide accessible, engaging instruction.


While YouTube has been a common tool in the past, it's not a safe resource for educators, students, and schools. Its ad-centric business model, which keeps users on the site to drive advertising income, creates a distracting environment where students are bombarded with algorithmic video recommendations, advertisements, and public commentary to capture their attention for longer. Not to mention, there is no control over what is displayed, whether it is appropriate or not. With the proliferation of generative AI, creating content is easier than ever. Misinformation is now a global threat and poses a particularly insidious risk to students. It is almost impossible to guarantee the provenance of information on YouTube, adding another risk and layer to teachers' time and effort when sharing on YouTube.


In response to the growing demand from teachers for safe, educational video, Boclips launched Classroom, a world-class alternative to YouTube that provides curated, curriculum-aligned videos from the most respected educational creators, like PBS, TED, Fuseschool, Bloomberg, Crash Course, Sci Show.


For teachers: With over 70 common curriculums, including NGSS, Common Core, teachers can save time by quickly navigating to the corresponding learning objective to browse curated videos, or they can search and filter on subject, age, pedagogical use case, and more. Unlike YouTube, the provenance is guaranteed, and teachers can share videos directly with students without any concerns over origin, accuracy, or content. 


For students: Boclips Classroom provides a distraction-free environment to keep students focused on the content from their teacher. There are no algorithmic recommendations, no public comments, and no ads.  




With Boclips Classroom, teachers can:

  • Access more than 2.2M curated, curriculum-aligned videos that are fully licensed and rights-cleared from over 550 top educational creators like PBS, TED, Fuseschool, Bloomberg, Crash Course, Sci Show, and more.
  • Quickly and easily find the right video by searching and filtering based on subject, level, pedagogical use case, and more.
  • Align to more than 70 common curriculums, like Common Core, NGSS, CBSE, and a growing range of state-level curriculums for ELA, Science, and Math.
  • Share video directly with students, in Google Classroom, or via LMS in a distraction-free environment that only displays the teacher's video content.
  • Use engagement metrics to understand student behavior and learn which topics drove engagement and interest. 

Try Boclips Classroom for free



Boclips Classroom is simple and intuitive for teachers. Here's how you get started in 3 easy steps: 


1. Discover

Start with your curriculum and find videos mapped to each learning objective, or search by topic and use filters to narrow down by age, subject, pedagogical use case, and more. 

2. Save:

Save to playlists to organize material by lessons, units, assignments, or more. Share with colleagues and collaborate on playlists across classrooms. 

3. Share:

Use time stamps to trim the video (if desired) and share with a link and teacher code, or in your LMS or directly into Google Classroom. 


Try Boclips Classroom free for 60 days. Share educational videos with students and be confident that the material is authentic and provenance-guaranteed, directly from the world's most respected content brands, in a distraction-free environment.

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